Bear’s today’s bento, vegan chocolate cupcakes

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Bento content
-Kiwi 2
-Apple quarter
Vegan chocolate muffin
Onigri with nutritional yeast
Cabbage yoghurt
-Celery salad and vinaigrette
-Carrot sticks

The sun is out, shining right through our windows. It is the best moment of the year to have a bento for lunch. The best thing is that we can now just walk a little and sit under the shade of a tree in Lacienki park. Yes, I have the chance to work nearby. I believe that every Warsaw inhabitant is proud of this famous park. They can be! It’s a real joy to sit under a tree on a bench and forget for one hour the stress and the work enjoying my lunch.
Bear doesn’t have the same chance, but as he is mostly on the road lately he happens to eat his bentos in much fancier places than I do: Augustow, Kielce, Wroclaw, Krakow, Zakopane,…

Bakewell tart, the Daring bakers June’s challenge

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-Baby tomatoes, crisps
-Vegetable risotto
Bakewell tart with raspberry jam

I joined the Daring bakers’s challenge as I wanted to try a little more challenging puddings and cake than my usual muffins. This month it is a typical british desert: Bakewell tart. This one is made with homemade raspberry jam. What I like about jam is not the sugary taste but the fruit taste, so there is less sugar and a bit of agar-agar to make it set.
The Bakewell tart is a pie made of jam topped with frangipane (the same filling used for the Galette des rois) made from almonds. And it was the perfect dessert to bring over to our French friends we met in Poland. It was a truly nice evening.
And just for the record, the recipe I did don’t match the challenge hosted by Jasmine of Confessions of a Cardamom Addict and Annemarie of Ambrosia and Nectar, guess…trouble reading a recipe.

Breakfast so tasty

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Raspberry juice
-Kiwi creamy sandwich
Vegan crunchy raspberry and apple crumble

You know how we are fond of breakfast…Well, couldn’t resist to the temptation of raspberries. Raspberry juice and raspberry crumble, and kiwi creamy sandwich…
(Spot out the odd one out) It’s just that a breakfast has to have at least two (different) fruits in it no?
I do like breakfast, especially when I can moan and groan and lazybone in bed and then still be rewarded with such a breakfast! Oh I do. Was I in a bad mood this morning? Come on, it faded away with the first sip of raspberry juice!

Todd in a pot

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Bento content
Vegetarian pesto tod in a pot
Cabbage salad with yoghurt
-Raw cauliflower, carrot sticks,
-Sandwich with vegetarian pâté and brown seedy bread (only Bf)
Little seitan crackers thick like dried meat, but much tastier!
-Quinoa with lens (soya sauce)

I am jaleous. Yes, I believe this was the feeling I had when viewing the nice tod in pots in bentos lately.
I just wanted to have some in my bento too! But a vegetarian tasty version. What I remember from the meaty version is quite heavy to digest. I wanted a light and spicy version. Result: Bear is totally fond of them. And they were great even cold in our lunch bento.
I didn’t have much time this evening and not much in the fridge either. So I completed this bento with a simple seedy brown sandwich which is maybe this seed gratin Cicerolle was speaking of :). I redid some of these little seitan crakers that I had to bread with nuts and walnut as I had finished most of my dried okara. You should definitely taste them!
With some fresh carrot sticks and cauliflower trees to complete the bento, I was rewarded with a great hug for this lunch!

Carving for veggies

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-Bulka with creamy cheese and kiwi
Salad made of red cabbage, apple, lettuce, yoghurt, pecan nuts, french vinaigrette
Vegetable stir with eggs and curry

I’m all alone tonight. Bear is travelling. (How can I complain I’m just the same!) But it is different to be the one travelling or the one waiting patiently waiting at home. To cheer me up, I prepared myself some vegetables. A plate full of veggies! So ate my sadness all up…sob, sob. Just teasing. Bear will be proud I wasn’t too lazy to make myself a proper meal this time. Yeah, this is usually what happens…when, he’s away, I usually just go truly lazy…