Vegan merguez [better texture]

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Vegan merguez [base: seitan]
-Quinoa and lens
Courgette spicy tomato sauce

As you know I like playing with food. And lately I was looking for some meat alike replacers. There was one sausage I liked for its spices: it was merguez. I didn’t though like the greasy part of the sausage.
And Bear loves this sausage so much, I gave it another shot. I already tried to make some vegan sausage but I was not completely satisfied with the texture. So this time I tried a different variation, using mainly gluten and no soya flour. We liked it better as it has this little chewy texture one can find with meat. (Indeed, this is one of the main gluten property).
With this little sausage we did a little “coucous” alike meal but we used quinoa instead of “semoule”, to which we added some lens. The courgette spicy tomato sauce recalls a little ratatouille…
Okay, remember I said alike! 🙂 Well, it was a true treat.
I’m so happy I’m back home playing with food again, I truly missed it!

5 Responses to “Vegan merguez [better texture]”

  1. mamapasta Says:

    je mets des proteines de soja ( TVP) texturées trempées dans du bouilon bien pimenté dans le mélange pour faire plus hot et texturé , c’est vrai que les saucisses , l’été ça manquerait, sinon!
    ( tu penses que ça passerait au BBQ sans exploser? )

    • Zoé Says:

      Tiens, il faudra que je fasse un essai avec le soja texturé. Je n’ai pas essayé encore ça. Et non, cela n’explose pas au barbecue. Je les fait puis en général je les fait revenir dans un poêle, le barbecue cela ira aussi mamis je pense que cela cuira beaucoup plus vite que les saucisses à la viande.

  2. Taymer Says:

    I made Mergez vegan sausage by accident. My husband ate it and said it taste exactly like Mergez he remembered. Unfortunately I do not remember what spices I used:(

  3. Zoé Says:

    The most common spices are salt, pepper, paprika, chilli pepper and sometimes garlic powder or coriander. (I didn’t put the two last spices in my vegan sausages.) Please tell me how you did your vegan sausages!

    Thnaks for stopping by and commenting!

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