Polish mushroom soup

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Polish mushroom soup
-Home-made pickles
-Hot dog with soya sausage

This night, we are, as usual, really in a hurry. I didn’t have much time and so we did a really quick meal. I prepared some mushroom soup (following Agda’s instructions) with their self grown oyster mushrooms. We added some salads and a little vegetarian hot dogs (with mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise) to mimic polish habits when on the road. We have such fun lately!

Pear Helene, iced tea

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Pear Helene
Iced tea

This evening we were at the pictures to see the next step of a famous movie which everybody is speaking of lately. We hadn’t taken time to have dinner. Bear had had a really big meal, so we agreed to have dessert (hurray, for me and my sweet tooth). So I quickly prepared some chocolate sauce to highlight some fresh pears. I served them with some homemade iced tea made with the so flowery tea my Belorussian friend offered us.

Lentils pot for a real joy

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Lentil pots
Kohlrabi and nut seasoning

Tonight, I was feeling lonely and shuffled through my cupboards to see what was left. I’m not buying long life ingredients when I finish them as we are going to leave at the end of next month. I found these forgotten lentils and dreamed of an easy heart warming hot lentils pots with white Arborio rice toped with my favourite homemade furitake.
When, Bear came back home tired from a hard day at work, he gently made himself comfortable in my arms and appreciated this little quickly made and so easy meal full with love. Maybe this is the mysterious ingredient which made this lentil pot so tasty?

A little apple mousse cake for tea

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Tea treat
Apple mousse cake with raspberry jam topping

It’s Tuesday, I’m sitting, my face in the sun on a bench on Krakowie Predmescie, one of the most pretty street in Warsaw. After some time in the sun, I came back to have some apple mousse cake and a cup of tea. As usual I cannot live without these little treats (what, this is what I was meant to answer at this tag? Maybe you should have made it more precise… 😉 ) So, would you share a piece a cake with me, under the polish sunny days before I’ll leave this country? Yes, there is a little sad note in this last sentence.

An award tag from Fossettes

An early post to reply to Fosettes‘s nice tag. Thank you! i’m so happy this morning thanks to this little tag and all the comments I have had lately! I’ll take this opportunity to highlight two new (for me as a reader) French blogs I encountered lately:
if you are looking for vegetarian healthy and so colourful bentos, then jump to Agate’s blog entitled Qu’est-ce que tu cuisines?
if you are more tempted by incredible vegetarian meals have a look at Eve’s creations at mamapasta.
These two blogs are intimately linked…but I’ll leave the mystery open. I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for a broken link! 😉
And as you always know, two French blogs asks for two new (still for me as a follower) English blogs:
Ana from the ana red’s bento factory plays with her food and come up with wonderful kyaraben bentos with a lot of tips and how-to’s
and a nice little fresh veegie blog The messy vegetarian on which I really enjoyed to surf on lately. Great!

And for the nosy-pocky here are the answers of the tag.
-You are far too curious>