Polish dish: mushroom scallop

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Mushroom scallop [polish recipe]
Onion and curcuma risotto
Mediterranean foil parcel

We have spent an incredibly great week-end with Bear’s polish colleagues. Though they only speak polish, my polish is good enough to understand easy things and answer half with words half with mimes. Yes, I rarely encounter any polish in my work, whereas Bear is all the time working with Poles, therefore he’s nearly fluent.
As I am a vegetarian, and polish diet is really full of meat, Agda thought a lot and came with this incredible mouth watering mushroom scallop. The idea is to mimic their chicken scallop. These easy scallop need two major ingredients Boczniak mushrooms and tarta bulka which is finely blended bread crumbs made of their bulka bread (baking soda based bread). I think you might find them in special polish stores, I believe. Well, I’ll figure it out next year, as I definitely want to have some more of these in the future, even if not living in Poland any more.
I added some little foil parcel of Mediterranean vegetables with some fresh basil and thyme I manage to grow near the kitchen window. To accompany these goodies, Bear in the meantime prepared some simple but tasteful onion and curcuma risotto. It was a joy to cook together, and even more when we sat down and started to eat…Oh Poland, you really can have good food!

7 Responses to “Polish dish: mushroom scallop”

  1. mamapasta Says:

    et, ils ressemblent à quoi, ces champignons en version crue??
    des fois que leurs cousins poussent dans nos forêts

  2. Zoé Says:

    It seems it is oyster mushroom see here or the French version: pleurotte en huitre

  3. fossettes Says:

    + they seem to be very friendly to you, cooking a special meal with such creativity, another gift!

  4. Zoé Says:

    Yes, I’m really sad I’ll have to go next month. It breaks my heart. But I have to admit that it’s all the time the same, I have troubles to get settled and find new habits and when I feel good I have to leave.

  5. Pam Says:

    The mushroom scallop looks and sounds really good!

  6. mangocheeks Says:

    Those mushroom scallops look delicious.

  7. Zoé Says:

    Thank you! It’s so nice to have comments…;)

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