Pear Helene, iced tea

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Pear Helene
Iced tea

This evening we were at the pictures to see the next step of a famous movie which everybody is speaking of lately. We hadn’t taken time to have dinner. Bear had had a really big meal, so we agreed to have dessert (hurray, for me and my sweet tooth). So I quickly prepared some chocolate sauce to highlight some fresh pears. I served them with some homemade iced tea made with the so flowery tea my Belorussian friend offered us.

4 Responses to “Pear Helene, iced tea”

  1. mamapasta Says:

    mon poirier va me donner des masses de poires en septembre, je garde ta recette sous le coude

  2. fossettes Says:

    yummy, lots of chocolate!

  3. Zoé Says:

    Thank you both!
    Mamapasta, je te mets dans mes liens. Cela aurait du être fait depuis bien longtemps!

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