The pie-maker

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Tart with béchamel, peas, aubergine, courgette, tomato, mushrooms

I’m a lazy girl. A little sick too. So I spent some time watching Pushing daisies, and with all these pies in front of me I couldn’t resist! I believe you’ll see a few pies coming up in the next posts! I love them, as one can play with the ingredients the spices and that it will make two to three meals for us too. I will usually add a few side dishes to highlight the tart part. Pies is the solution for overbooked persons which still want to eat healthily.
Speaking about being in a hurry and cooking just give a look at Michael Pollan essay Out of the kitchen, onto the Couch. It’s a brilliant article analysing America’s cooking tendency: watching food shows better than cooking truly. I thank mimi54 for pointing this article out to me.

Wooden bento box, raw courgette spaghetti

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Bento content:
Vegetarian sushi with vinegar prune and carrot
Raw courgette spaghetti with sunflower sauce
-Carrot sticks

I wanted to use my not air nor liquid tight wooden bento. Therefore I had to find things which would be dry enough and wouldn’t leek. So one raw recipe for the top layer with courgette spaghettis and a sunflower miso sauce to spice them up.
I tried to do some vinegar prune (I have no idea how the original Japanese should taste, I’m not staying here long enough to properly make these pickles) to stuff the sushis. A few nectarine slices completed the meal. Because of the fruit I had to wrap the bento with cling film.

Wraps tonight

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Tomato and feta jelly
Kohlrabi roesti
Lentils balls
Soya pellet in tomato sauce
-Carrot, cucumber, cauliflower, homemade pickles

As you all know, I’m completely fond of wraps! And I usually put really weird stuff in my wraps. This time we went for so tasty lentils balls, a soya bolognese tomato sauce, and kohlrabi roesti and fresh veggies.
But before starting the wraps feast we had some little tomato and feta Provençal tasty jelly. I love these evenings when we have so much of little bites of so many different things…Yummy.