Going to Luxembourg

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

-Apple quarter
-Mini tomatoes
-Maize (pickle)
-Raw cauliflower
-Carrot sticks
Ratatouille (soya pellet, carrot, aubergine, maize)
Homemade furitake

I’m still moving a lot (as usual would one say). I’ve prepared this little bento to eat on the plane while going to Luxembourg.
And guess what? I had to open my box to show that it was only food at the custom! Why is it that I cannot go through customs whithout having to open everything, and explain where why and for how long I going there…

7 Responses to “Going to Luxembourg”

  1. CVALOU Says:

    Sympa la décoration de la pomme !!!

  2. mamapasta Says:

    évidemment, si tu mets tes repas dans des boites imperméables aux rayons X ils regardent…et comme ils sont jaloux de ne pas avoir aussi bon à manger, ils ouvrent tout par dépit!

  3. Koko Says:

    Neat bento- that checkered apple looks too cool!

  4. fossettes Says:

    what a story: a bento on board! Hope you could eat it .

  5. Bassa Says:

    c’est joli cette présentation! à plus tard!

  6. Diana Says:

    Perhaps they’re just interested in bento at customs ;D

    Very nice bento, the checkered apple is nice in your box !

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