Blueberry pie

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Tea time treat
Blueberry pie
Raspberry tea smoothie
-Toast with strawberry jam

I just can’t believe it, three days ago it was snowing in Warsaw. Here, it is really sunny, and we still need fresh beverages to cool us down! Therefore I did iced tea, which I mixed with raspberries to have a sweet smoothie which was just right with the blueberry pie. Did, you ever do blueberry pie? And? How many times was it not properly set, full of blueberry juice? First tip: spread almond powder on the crustpastry before delaying the blueberries. Second tip: add a teaspoon of potato starch with the sugar in the blueberries. And this will do the trick! 🙂

Comment: the fruits I used here are frozen fruits from my mum’s garden.

4 Responses to “Blueberry pie”

  1. mamapasta Says:

    I do not know where you landed on French ground but here, we do not need to cool down!
    ice in the morning and no more than 15°c at noon…
    but this kind of pie will be all right after my afternoon bike ride
    if never I can find those blueberries

  2. CVALOU Says:

    Une tarte comme je les aime !!!!

  3. fossettes Says:

    I Loooooooooooooooooooooooooove blueberries pies! Could you send me one? It reminds me Engalnd (Again, I know!)

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