Courgette treat as a good bento item

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Bento content
Coco and banana jelly
-Polish pickles (ogorki)
-Mini tomatoes
-Rice with pumpkin pickle
Courgette treat

Monday isn’t my favourite day. Going back to work with a cold, being so tired and knowing that I’m late in my work, that I should have worked the week-end too, that I’ll need to hurry…I’m so happy I took time to prepare this little bento Sunday to warm my heart up with good homemade food. And this bento has a new item which is truly great eaten cold also: courgette slices seasoned with soya sauce, rice vinegar and to which I tossed in some homemade furitake. Tomorrow will be easier, it’s Tuesday.

5 Responses to “Courgette treat as a good bento item”

  1. CVALOU Says:

    Génial ta jelly noix de coco/banane, je suppose que c’est toi qui l’a faite !!!

  2. fossettes Says:

    Do you make your own pumpkin preserve?

    • Zoé Says:

      This one is still out of the jam jar I’ve been offered when leaving Poland. I do have the recipe, and I did try this week-end. But before I have tried mine and did the recipe at least twice, it won’t appear on the blog…

  3. Un bon item à bento: petite douceur à la courgette « Expériences culinaires dessertariennes Says:

    […] publié en anglais ici. Publié dans Bento, Céréales et Pommes de terre, Dessert, Fruit, Légumes, Noix et co, […]

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