Shortbread biscuit

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Tea treat
Frapped coffee
Sesame shortbread biscuit with redcurrant jelly

This is an old photo from late august in Warsaw. It was one of these sunny Polish days when I had time to do pies and when I had some left-overs of crust-pastry. What can one do with it? I usually just roll it down and do some little squares, on which I sprinkle with sesame seeds, or nuts. There are really great with a little bit of jam and a Greek cafe frappe. I do long to have time again to bake and day dream.

3 Responses to “Shortbread biscuit”

  1. CVALOU Says:

    Un petit encas bien sympathique !!!
    Tu postes plus sur ton ancien blog ?

  2. Julie Says:

    I love shorbread biscuits, especially on Mornings !! They sound delicious ! Yummy, yummy !!

  3. Biscuits au sésame « Expériences culinaires dessertariennes Says:

    […] publié en anglais ici. Publié dans Boisson, Confiture, Cookie, Céréales et Pommes de terre, Dessert, Fruit, Goûter, […]

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