Aubergine and red lentils spring rolls

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Aubergine and red lentils spring rolls
Maize boiled and then grilled
Oyster mushroom scallops

Here, the aubergine are still in season and the winter isn’t at all settling. I’d rather say that it’s late summer beginning of autumn. This is one of the pleasure of living more southern than last year! I had a good luck while surfing on the Messy vegetarian’s blog and the spring rolls are freely inspired from his recipe. It was a true treat with some boiled and grilled maize and our favourite mushroom scallops. A nice meal before I take the night train to the wintry north.

4 Responses to “Aubergine and red lentils spring rolls”

  1. Enflammee Says:

    Mmmmh, un épis de maïs…
    C’est dommage qu’en France, on le mange souvent en boite alors qu’en épis, cuit au barbecue, ça colle entre le dent mais c’est simplement délicieux.

  2. CVALOU Says:

    Un épis de maïs que me fait envie !!

  3. Koko Says:

    Mmmm, lovely meal. That corn looks so good- you’re lucky it’s still around! Our corn over here is done for the year!!

  4. Rouleaux de printemps à l’aubergine et aux lentilles corail « Expériences culinaires dessertariennes Says:

    […] publié en anglais ici. Publié dans Céréales, Légumes, Légumineuse, Plat principal, Sandwich, Seitan, Végétalien. […]

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