Late summer sunday salad

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-Avocado stuffed with sweet mayonnaise and tomato sauce topped with olives
-Chicory with spread cheese, carrots
-Alfalfa sprouts, leek sprouts
-Cherry tomato, mozzarella, and basil brochettes
-Lamb’s lettuce with pan onions and dried tomatoes
-Pan toasted bread
Poached egg
Banana jelly

It’s snowing here. And mamapasta was saying that it would not snow here. Good gosh, I love snow. I love to dress up to brave the wintry cold. But I seem to be the only one down here…And maybe I’m the only one who has her boiler out of order…for five days now…
So, to tease you (and myself) I’ll show you one of my sunday meals when I had no oven, and when sun was still shinning bright, clear and hot. And sundays are usually the days when I try to make a special meal. So what can we do without an oven? I thought nowt…finally it isn’t as bad as I thought!

French translation available here.

7 Responses to “Late summer sunday salad”

  1. CVALOU Says:

    Une salade bien sympa !!!
    Toi aussi tu as fait une pause blog !!
    Contente de te revoir

  2. mamapasta Says:

    et oui, il arrive qu’il neige dans le sud, laissant les automobilistes désemparés….Ici, ils ne sortent plus dès qu’il y a 2cm de neige, ça me fait rire, moi qui vient du nord est!

  3. Bassa Says:

    hello! oui j’ai eu la neige, c’est si joli. et toi tu es où maintenant si ce n’est pas indiscret…J’adore tes recettes toujours colorées et diversifiées! bisous et bonne année aussi!

  4. Koko Says:

    I love snow, too! That picture is beautiful though, with the sun shining in- looks wonderful!

  5. Salade d’un dimanche de fin d’été « Expériences culinaires dessertariennes Says:

    […] publié en anglais ici. Publié dans Céréales, Légumes, Légumineuse, Pain, Plat principal, Pudding, Salade, […]

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