Rice sandwiches, home-grown vegetables

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Bento content
Rice sandwiches stuffed with mushroom pâté (homemade)
-Mum’s garden carrot and parsnip
Lentils salad
-Dried fig, almonds, cranberries, and crystallised ginger
-Two little Alsatian biscuit (from Alice)

It has been a while since I last posted. Sorry about that but I’m quite busy lately and it seems it’s not going to change much. A friend of us popped in for dinner a few days ago and brought me some of these traditional Alsatian biscuits, and as we didn’t eat the full box on that evening I still had a few to squeeze in my lunch box. The vegetables are mum’s home-grown one’s, I find them so tiny and so cute, and if you had the chance to taste them you’d find them incredibly tasty and flavoured. It just wonderfully matched with my mushroom rice sandwiches. And just a little tip to enhance your rice sandwiches : use glutinous rice!

A French translation is available here

8 Responses to “Rice sandwiches, home-grown vegetables”

  1. fossettes Says:

    yes, zoé est de retour! contente de te revoir!

  2. mamapasta Says:

    super les babies carottes du potager familial..
    passe une bonne fin de semaine.

  3. Sandwich de riz, légumes du jardin « Expériences culinaires dessertariennes Says:

    […] pour améliorer vos sandwich de riz: utiliser du riz gluant! Originalement publié en anglais ici. Publié dans Bento, Cookie, Céréales, Pâte, Salade, Sandwich, Végétalien, fruit, noix. […]

  4. mamapasta Says:

    tiens mon com n’est pas passé….Tu as de la veine d’avoir des babies légumes familiaux, et, tes onigris façon sandwich sont amusants.

  5. Zoé Says:

    @Mamapasta: J’ai vérifié pas de traces de ton précédent com dans les archives, il a joué les filles de l’air!

    @Fossettes: héhé, je fais de mon mieux!

  6. Koko Says:

    Yep, lots has changed in my blog but I’m so glad you came back to visit!! I shall add you back to my blog roll- I had forgotten your blog’s URL!
    As usual your food looks lovely- love the homegrown veg!!

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