Fried parsnip

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Puffed sauerkraut
Fried parsnip
-Boiled carrots from mum’s garden

I’m trying to catch up a little. So this post isn’t about our favourite puffed sauerkraut, but just to point out a discovery of ours. Bear is really reticent to eat up his parsnip usually. But this changed when he came up with the idea to prepare them as chips! Sometimes, he really comes up with nice ideas!

A French version is available here.

3 Responses to “Fried parsnip”

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  2. fossettes Says:

    très marrante, l’idée des frites de panais! a tester absolument!

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    […] after our parsnip chip, we went for fried Jerusalem artichokes. The idea suited us, and was a perfect match with the […]

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