Simple food: steamed rice onigris

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Bento content
Steamed onigri
Pumpkin purée, lentils, nori, and again lentils, pumpkin
-Steamed red beans

If you’re familiar with my diet, you know how much I enjoy rice. I first tasted steamed rice in a welcoming Laotian restaurant in a little town in North-East of France. The chef explained us in detail the recipe. I can’t thank him enough for my everyday pleasure of enjoying steamed rice at home with low efforts. This time, I just accompanied it with some simple items. One side of the box I just set one layer of pumpkin purée, lentils, nori, then start all over. It’s really nice to take a spoonful of this mix. Red beans completed the meal.

A French version is available here.

4 Responses to “Simple food: steamed rice onigris”

  1. Koko Says:

    I like rice, too! But I especially like pumpkin puree- yum!!

  2. Token Says:

    ohh~ steamed rice! What a great idea to make onigiri out of it! 😀 Unfortunately the link to your Steamed-Rice-Recipe is not working 😦

  3. wegetarinka Says:

    Hello Zoe, onigiris look great! I’ve made similar too but I prepared the rice like for sushi as I love rice this way. Regards!

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