Indian evening

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Spicy cabbage and pea
Caramelised turnip
Red rice with red beans

Bear had time to join me for dinner tonight. Meaning, that for once he wasn’t on the road. So while waiting I tried to put together dinner. And here’s what’s new: Indian spicy red cabbage and pea (which is usually done with a green cabbage) and caramelised turnips. The spice of the cabbage and pea dish is calmed down with the sweet turnips. Rice and red beans were added to balance the meal. I set the table with a nice cloth, the Sunday plates, and lit a few candles to make it a little special.

A French version is available here.

3 Responses to “Indian evening”

  1. Soirée indienne « Expériences culinaires dessertariennes Says:

    […] publié en anglais ici. Publié dans Colorant naturel, Céréales et Pommes de terre, Légumes, Légumineuse, […]

  2. Alice Says:

    wow – this looks DIVINE. I think I am going to have to try this one…

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