So healthy junk food

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Vegetarian hamburger (vegetarian steak, ogorki, lamb’s lettuce, mustard, sweet tomato sauce, Our sauce BBQ)
Potatoes and mushrooms sauté

Back from the swimming pool. Tired and smelling bleached. But with a big appetite! So, I ran in the kitchen to make us something fulfilling which would be a little special as we had the chance to be together this evening.
Bear was the one who introduced me to junk food when we started to date. I know he misses it from time to time, so I wanted to treat him with a healthy vegetarian version. He’s totally charmed, and this hamburger is his favourite.
I gave two shots to this recipe before finding what I was really looking for. And for the bread, the recipe is just the one of milk bread loaf that you mould into a hamburger bread form, sprinkle with sesame seeds and bake in a pot.

7 Responses to “So healthy junk food”

  1. Koko Says:

    Mmmmm that veggie burger looks perfect!!

  2. fossettes Says:

    hey zoe, how are you today? Still abroad??

  3. fossettes Says:

    Bonne année, ZOé, j’espère que la vie va pour toi!

  4. Anna M. Ficarra Says:

    This is a wonderful alternative to the typical hamburger!! This is proof that vegetarian cooking is a world to discover. It’s a perfect combination of health and taste!!!

  5. Malar Gandhi Says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely recipe, Zoe. I am gonna try this for sure’ we always wanted a perfect vegetarian burger.

  6. Priya Mahadevan Says:

    Zoe, These are exactly the kind of recipes I was looking for for my event
    I am running this on a once in 2 months basis – whereby I get entries for 45 days (or until the middle of the second month)and post the round up of all the entries in the next 2 weeks…
    So please consider sending some of these healthy fast food versions to my blog — Hope to see you there often too. cheers!

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