An award tag from Fossettes

An early post to reply to Fosettes‘s nice tag. Thank you! i’m so happy this morning thanks to this little tag and all the comments I have had lately! I’ll take this opportunity to highlight two new (for me as a reader) French blogs I encountered lately:
if you are looking for vegetarian healthy and so colourful bentos, then jump to Agate’s blog entitled Qu’est-ce que tu cuisines?
if you are more tempted by incredible vegetarian meals have a look at Eve’s creations at mamapasta.
These two blogs are intimately linked…but I’ll leave the mystery open. I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for a broken link! 😉
And as you always know, two French blogs asks for two new (still for me as a follower) English blogs:
Ana from the ana red’s bento factory plays with her food and come up with wonderful kyaraben bentos with a lot of tips and how-to’s
and a nice little fresh veegie blog The messy vegetarian on which I really enjoyed to surf on lately. Great!

And for the nosy-pocky here are the answers of the tag.
-You are far too curious>

Tea break, one year of cooking with you

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Thank you!
I was a little too busy lately to realise that it has been one year since I’ve decided to post my first bento. One year since I had the courage to speak out my recipes, one year since I decided to let you in in my kitchen, one year since I ‘m sharing my meals with you, one year more shared with Bear

one year I’ve spent with you. I would like to thank you for all your comments , for your nice notes which kept me going , for your inspiring bentos and meals, your amazing photos or for your answers in forums or by mail, for your strong belief in vegetarianism and for your cooking skills that amazes me, for your creative recipes. I am grateful for making me smile while reading your daily post , making me dream or by surprising me when I realise that your blogs links to mine. I just cannot forget your comments on my photostream, for being inspired or asking me questions or just cheering me up with nice comments .
I have also to thank you for testing my recipes and for taking the time to give me some feed back or just for following me and for checking my updates.
I would also like to thank all the silent readers who give me the power to steal time on my sleep to find a little time to post in my so full life.
Thank you!

153 posts,
214 recipes.

Sushi rice and a big thank you to Mook

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This evening a surprise was awaiting me at the post office: they handed me a big package… Like a little child I unwrapped it feverishly, wishing that it was what I was so much longing for. Yeeeess! Mook, from French Bento, had sent me one of the best sushi rice I’ve ever tasted. Thank you so much!

I believe you all know her blog even if French is a total foreign language for you. Each day, she’ll present her bento which are usually full of colourful vegetables and salad, some little treats (omnivore). The principle: one post, one bento, and some recipes with photos.
She’s one of those who is able to blog daily, and even if she lacks of time she’ll make the effort to post! How does she manages that? Maybe this is super Mook power…:)
What is even more fun is her sense of humour that can sometimes make me chock as my food goes the wrong way while trying to understand why a rabbit should be an alien…
Believe that too much of bentoing can affect your neurones…So bento addicted should be aware of this side effect! Bentoing can make you think that life is worth living with a smile!


So, as I’m a little busy lately, I didn’t have time to update and type the last meals I made. But, no worry, I ain’t forgetting you!
I’ve been tagged recently by Fossettes and Vegan25.
First of all, I’d like to thank you both! And then, I’ll take this opportunity to let you discover these blogs:

  1. Les chéchés from la boîte à sardines,
  2. Sandra from Que du mini,
  3. Vegan Lovlie with her so pretty recipes,
  4. Were Rabbits for her pretty posts.

The above blogs are those who I believe haven’t yet gone through this tag. This was the only way I could filter to choose only four of you! 🙂
I ow an apology to Sandra to whom I have forgotten to answer to this tag…Well, scatterbrain sometimes! I was so happy at that time, and just forgot to post it here….
Want to know the answers to this tag? You are too curious…>

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year

I wish you a merry Christmas (or holidays) and a happy new Year (or first January day…)
Whatsoever. I’ll be off for the next two weeks, and I hadn’t time to prepare any post. So, see you then!

Soya milk coagulates when adding calcium

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Howdy! Just a quick post to tell you that when you add calcium to soya milk it coalgulates and gives a fluffy soya cream. Surprised I googled up and saw that there are research articles (to whom we don’t have access if you’re not a researcher in this domain yourself) explaining how to add calcium to soya milk without making it coagulate…Well, this will stay a mystery then.
Any answers?
At least I understand why my home-made milk separates when I put it in my Ricoré (it has calcium, not much though, and the bought soya milk I get have calcium added and don’t have this curdling effect).

Fresh pasta and tomato sauce party

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Fresh barley pasta
Home-made tomato and olive sauce.

I met a new friend. As usual, a foreigner: she’s American, and has little access to a kitchen. She was always saying that she was dreaming of cooking fresh pasta with tomato sauce. It’s not the most fashion meal but somehow it recalled her home.
So when I had my pasta machine back, we agreed to do a cooking evening. And to spice the pasta up I used some barley flour.

We had planned to go to the swimming pool in the afternoon. We were told that they was one in the culture and science palace (don’t you think that’s weird?). So we met there. No swimming-pool to be seen…After asking a few persons, we finally found where in the palace it was.
We enter. We try to ask where we should go as we do not find any place to buy tickets.
So with all our polish we asked:
-Czy Pan movie po angielsku? (Do you speak english?)
-Nie (No). (Hey, they understood!)
Well, moving arms and mimicking swimming we were granted a few answers. One was the name of the street, the other one was to go down the stairs. We chose second option. We went. And we were quickly caught back by a angry Polish keeper who was shouting at us…
Well, first thing:
-Nie movie po polsku, nie rozumiem. (I don’t speak polish, I don’t understand)
And then, he told us that the other keeper knew a little English. We went, he didn’t speak nothing but polish. We were stuck.
We ended by phoning a girl who spoke English and Polish, explain the situation, give the phone to the keeper, have it back to have a translation:
This swimming-pool is opened for students not for the public, we should go elsewhere. Finally, we just walked back home and enjoyed making our pasta!