Waffle when alone

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Quick broccoli salad (chilli pepper, olive, broccoli)
Tofu Chantilly

Sunshine. The dresses are popping out. Streets are full with bare legs. Female or male (picture the males with shorts not skirts, mean no offence to Scotland though). I’m resting in the garden under the shade of a fig tree. I’m treating myself with a salad that Bear would hate: crunchy broccolis (he likes them all soggy) with pepper bells (I still can’t get him to eat that). As a dessert, I guess he wouldn’t say no to my waffles but I know he would sulk at the cherries. But, this is the perfect meal for me. Like an enormous Christmas present, I cherished each bite.
I’m used to making a full batch of waffles and freeze the leftovers. They are perfect when my bread monster has eaten up all the bread with none left for breakfast. I just reach for them in the freezer and toss them in the toaster. I even prefer them this way as they come out with a crispy coat.
But I have to check on Bear, though he usually isn’t so keen in dessert, he can eat them all up on a movie night with some sweet chestnut purée.


Famous Pauline’s cake and simple alphabet tomato soup

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Alphabet tomato soup
Pauline’s cake

It has been a tradition that each time uncle Frank and auntie Pauline came to visit us, one of auntie Pauline’s delicious fruit cake would pop out of their suitcase. This tradition has been continued by my mummy as each time I come back from my parents she’ll hide one Pauline’s cake in my bag to cheer me up. It is quite well-known among my closest friends, and I don’t have enough fingers to count how many of you sneak by for dinner to have a slice when you know I’m coming back. You greedy ones!

But before dessert we went for a simple tomato soup with alphabet pasta. The alphabet pasta is a treat we offered ourselves. Just try to picture us in the shop checking through the plastic bag that we had all the letters while waiting at the checkers. The other customers did give us strange looks! Haha!

This post is dedicated to uncle Frank and auntie Pauline, I thank them for keeping in touch and visiting us each year. And add a special thank to mum who made these muffin size Pauline’s cake for me.

Apple and chocolate tart

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Tea treat
Banana juice (homemade)
Apple and chocolate tart

Just a little post which will testify of my greediness. This week-end I’ll be enjoying a simple apple and chocolate pie with a pinch of cinnamon to forget winter. Time to share?

French translation available here.

Express pasta meal

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Meaty tofu and gluten balls
Tomato sauce
Apple crumble

Some evenings are a little bit more busier than others. For these evenings I have some meat alike balls in the freezer that I can quickly accommodate with tomato sauce and pasta. It is one of my favourite express meals. What are your favourite express meals?

French translation available here.

Vegan chocolate rice pie

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Tea time treat
Vegan chocolate rice pie
Iced tea
-Orange juice
-Squashed banana with a pinch of cinnamon

Lately I’m a little overwhelmed, so I’m a little away from the net and this blog. I’m really sorry, will you forgive me? Though I was really busy, I did find time for a little winter vegan treat: chocolate rice pie. A real pleasure that rarely lasts long here, though Bear hasn’t really a sweet tooth, he can’t resist to eat one more serving.

French translation available here.

A little apple mousse cake for tea

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Tea treat
Apple mousse cake with raspberry jam topping

It’s Tuesday, I’m sitting, my face in the sun on a bench on Krakowie Predmescie, one of the most pretty street in Warsaw. After some time in the sun, I came back to have some apple mousse cake and a cup of tea. As usual I cannot live without these little treats (what, this is what I was meant to answer at this tag? Maybe you should have made it more precise… 😉 ) So, would you share a piece a cake with me, under the polish sunny days before I’ll leave this country? Yes, there is a little sad note in this last sentence.

Blinis castle, luckiest girl ever

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Blinis castle with mushroom, spinach, and creamy mushroom sauce
Vegan muffins with a cup of tea

This is Bear’s best creation ever: a spinach and mushroom blinis castle. At first sight it seems really heavy. But the fact that he went for blinis better than pancakes makes it melt in the mouth. The creamy mushroom sauce is the final touch that makes you fall in love with this meal.
Did you know that this was one of my birthday present last month?