Traditional shortbread and a smoothie

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Tea treat
Purple smoothie
Traditional shortbread

The sun is out with all the heat that comes with it, so we like to eat under the shade of a tree. And what could be better than to endear ourselves with a freshly prepared smoothie and some shortbread? And smoothie is a good trick to make Bear eat some fruits!

Blueberry pie

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Tea time treat
Blueberry pie
Raspberry tea smoothie
-Toast with strawberry jam

I just can’t believe it, three days ago it was snowing in Warsaw. Here, it is really sunny, and we still need fresh beverages to cool us down! Therefore I did iced tea, which I mixed with raspberries to have a sweet smoothie which was just right with the blueberry pie. Did, you ever do blueberry pie? And? How many times was it not properly set, full of blueberry juice? First tip: spread almond powder on the crustpastry before delaying the blueberries. Second tip: add a teaspoon of potato starch with the sugar in the blueberries. And this will do the trick! 🙂

Comment: the fruits I used here are frozen fruits from my mum’s garden.

Breakfast so tasty

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Raspberry juice
-Kiwi creamy sandwich
Vegan crunchy raspberry and apple crumble

You know how we are fond of breakfast…Well, couldn’t resist to the temptation of raspberries. Raspberry juice and raspberry crumble, and kiwi creamy sandwich…
(Spot out the odd one out) It’s just that a breakfast has to have at least two (different) fruits in it no?
I do like breakfast, especially when I can moan and groan and lazybone in bed and then still be rewarded with such a breakfast! Oh I do. Was I in a bad mood this morning? Come on, it faded away with the first sip of raspberry juice!