Italian raviolis : mushrooms or butternut squash stuffing?

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-Window shelf homegrown parsley, chive and mint
-Ravioli stuffed with butternut squash or mushrooms (I’ll know when I’ll eat them)
-Carrot sticks
-Mushroom sliced
-Red fruit salad (frozen) with a tsp of cane sugar

I did two full batch of raviolis with Italian stuffing (mushroom and another with butternut squash). It’s not only the form it’s also the dough which changed. Then, I froze them all and take some out from time to time on busy nights. The leftover’s of yesterday’s evening went in my bento. I was inspired by Were Rabbits bentos and added some parley, chive and lettuce to cheer it up. Some raw veggies and a little red fruit salad.

As I can’t store my bentos in a fridge at work, and as it’s getting hotter I try to put a frozen item inside in the morning to keep it cool. And as the fruits give water I’ll wrap them in some film so that it won’t leek on the other items.

Sunday for two: Tempura

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Sunday lunch
Tempura (aubergine, carrot, onion)
-Soba with miso
Sweet and sour tomato sauce

Did you ever tasted tempura? Such lightly breaded fried vegetables. I added some sweet and sour sauce with a little soba and miso soup to complete the meal. And though, it’s not Japanese, I added some falafel for the pulse, but it was a little too much fried item for the same meal. Next time, we’ll go for some steamed pulse burgers!

Polish bigos

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Polish bigos

Tianjin, Beijin. Eleven hours flight back. A three hours train trip to meet Bear who did a ten hours car trip. Five hours to sleep and then a fifteen hours trip with a car with no air-conditioning for a week of full pleasure in Poland. Back home. With this feeling that one week is too short. That we didn’t have even enough time to see every friend as long as we would have liked to. Not enough time to sit and feel the sun on our face and have the pleasure to be silently one with each other, with this mutual understanding that you share with close friends. Now we are back in France. I wanted to cheer Bear up and make him some bigos. Okay, I know that Alsatian spätzle are not at all Polish, but Bear loves them too! I was rewarded with a kiss for this meal, so! Who cares, if the dishes are not used to be mixed together! I must add, that I thank my dear sister to repeat the spätzle recipe each time I need it…so, I’ll write it down and stop bothering you. Oh, geez, I don’t remember the exact amount of ingredients…well, I’ll phone you first. Sorry!

Express pasta meal

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Meaty tofu and gluten balls
Tomato sauce
Apple crumble

Some evenings are a little bit more busier than others. For these evenings I have some meat alike balls in the freezer that I can quickly accommodate with tomato sauce and pasta. It is one of my favourite express meals. What are your favourite express meals?

French translation available here.

Pierogi ruskie

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Pierogi ruskie
-Tomato salad with balsamic vinegar

It really has been a while since I posted last time. A lot has happened in between. I moved from a country to another and it took me more time than expected to be a little settled. Now, thanks to Bear, I have a kitchen, though without an oven yet. So thank you all for your comments and encouraging words!

Last time, I featured Polish pierogi, I had forgotten to mention the pierogi ruskie. These are stuffed with potato purée, sour cream and chive. This bento was eaten hot. Yes you read properly. I did heat the bento on the cooker at work.

Pancakes stuffed with leek and aubergine béchamel

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Leek and aubergine bechamel stuffing
Tomato sauce vegetable stir stuffing
Apple stew with cinnamon stuffing

Bear is working a lot lately and it’s one of the first night he’s not on the road. Damn, two constant travellers living together, it’s not the easiest match.
So to celebrate that tonight, we are having pancakes and a little sip of our hometown wine.
We do enjoy pancakes. But as we were so happy to be in the kitchen together again we got a little creative and thought of some stuffing which would make these pancakes a little bit special.
We went through the fridge and played with ingredients! A real treat! Will you join?

Little pots for a quick meal

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Aubergine and potato pot
-Carrot salad
Leftovers of spaghetti in a pot (for me)
Potato and smoked tofu pot (for Bf)

Spring is not yet here in Poland but I’m already carving for fresh salads. But salads are not fulfilling enough. To highlight them I prepare some quick little pots to reheat our stomach. We started with some aubergine and potato pots, and then completed our meal with a second bigger pot. Bear’s had a pot which is the vegetarian version of gratin dauphinois with smoked tofu, and I ate our lunch’s leftovers, namely vegetarian spaghetti bolognese. Though these pots are not hard to prepare we just loved eating them. Was it the meal or the fact that three
days apart seemed really long?