Pesto verde two ways and red soup

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Red soup
Pesto verde
Chocolate short bread

Hi! How are you all today? Managed to get up early to post a little! I was quite tired and really busy lately (well, think that I’ll be busy until June at least…)
This is why I’m so eager to find some quickly made dinners, to ease my week. One idea is this everyday soup. This time it’s a red soup made of beetroot, carrot and mandarin mainly. A real pleasure at each spoon.
And I may be busy and really in a hurry I won’t give up homemade food! No way!
Bear relied a lot before on these pesto verde cans. It’s a quick sauce that is really good on spaghetti! Something quickly made, healthy and delicious? I had to have a go and make some.
One which would have no palm oil, no artificial food colouring or additional “things” with their so sexy names starting with E and some numbers…
Conclusion? Well, I have to admit, the little basil I managed to grow was not enough to redo some, so we went to the market to make some more…with some aubergine. We used it as a spread in some sandwiches…
Be patient, this bento is coming up!

Orange soup, homemade pizzas, hibiscus muffins

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Orange soup
Vegetarian pizza
Little hibiscus and honey flavoured muffins.

It’s Saturday evening. The morning we were in the market to buy some fresh vegetables. So this evening, we treated ourselves with some orange soup and pizza.
Why orange soup? Well, it is made with orange coloured vegetables and fruits: pumpkin, carrot and mandarin. The mandarin taste is really discrete so no worry it only highlights the pumpkin and carrot taste.

This soup allowed us to be patient enough to let the pizza dough rise. Yes, we had a little homemade pizza topped with feta, spinach leaves, olives and broccoli trees. (If you like photos just check the recipe of the pizza to see this one).
I think that’s it’s in Chile that for the first time I saw how creative one can be with vegetarian pizzas. I’m just fond of them! Maybe I’ll show you some others…if you want.

The little hibiscus and honey muffins were a little experiment. They are milk free and to say true you would not be able to make them with milk. Nor ordinary milk nor soya. Both coagulates when you add the hibiscus flowers. I forgot to take them in photo as they were eaten more quickly than expected! Which I believe is quite a good sign…!

My vegetarian bortch

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Bortch (beetroot polish soup)
Black lentils patties
-Kapusta krokiet.

This morning at 6 o’clock, I was up as usual as Bear has to go to work at that time. Usually I wander around waiting for the time I can go to work. This morning I couldn’t spend my time on your blogs enjoying your last posts. We were going to the swimming pool this evening and I have this damn weekly meal plan I’m trying to follow. So I ended preparing dinner and bento items at 6h30…Grr…This happens when you sort of decide on the spot to go swimming! These week plans kill a bit spontaneity, but I have to agree they are quite money, time? sparing and I have really few waste at the end of the week. I just have to train a little to make them a bit more easy to follow! This Polish beetroot soup is usually made with animals grease. So I’ve tried to make up a vegetarian recipe of this soup. I accompanied it with the black lentils patties and Polish kapusta krokiet which are breaded pasta stuffed with cabbage. When we came tired out from the swimming pool, this meal was so comforting.

Rice flakes for a express rice pudding

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This photo has been found here.

Rice and fruit pudding
-Apple, orange
-Half a banana smashed with cinnamon

I’m back from a three weeks professional trip in North-East and South of France. And as usual, I had to forget something: this time it’s my camera. Well, it’s not lost so everything is okay, I’ll have it back in two weeks I believe.
Each time I come back from a trip it’s a real fuss to have me back on tracks cooking for the forthcoming days. First, I have to quickly go shopping for fresh vegs and fruits. Then, I have to urge preparing some beans, and some cereals or soup to be able to plan my week menus. But, as you can guess the evening I arrive there’s few possibility to go shopping, and this is how I came up with chestnut milk or soya milk made out of flour. And I realised that with a few drops of nut oil I could find this little greasy taste you have with milk. More over it prevents the milk from separating into a floury and watery part. Still you need to stir the milk before serving but less than before.
For the fruits, I had packed them in my suitcase as I cannot imagine a breakfast without them. I don’t know if you have access to rice flakes but if you do, this recipe of rice pudding takes less than 5 minutes. So don’t tell you don’t have time. Even my water takes longer to boil (I’m joking…)

Watercress fluffy soup

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Watercress fluffy soup.

I was not pretty hungry this evening, as we had lunch at one of these vegetarian self you can find in Warsaw. Usually I can’t even finish my plate there. All of them offer a choice between ten meals and two daily menus. I had a hard time to choose between pierogi, tortillas or soja chop, all of them served with kasha or rice and salads (sauerkraut, cucumber, carrot, cabbage,…).

However, when I came home I was so happy as finally my watercress sprouts were ready. At last I could try a home-made watercress soup. (I’ve only tasted these dry soup coming out of a package…)
I went through my books, and as usual, didn’t follow even partly what was written (why do I buy books…?)
The result was gorgeous! Wonderfully fluffy and so healthy. So have a go!

Carrot and orange soup with courgette burgers

Evening meal
Carrot and orange purée
Lens and courgette veggie burger

I didn’t have much inspiration. I’ve got a cold and I just wanted to do a quick healthy and full of vitamins dinner. And what can be better than a colourful carrot soup with veggie patties?

Carrot and parsley smoothie (or soup?)

I enjoyed the taste of this cooled soup or carrot and spinach-parsley smoothie.
Hey, sorry for the delayed post! But it’s my last week here…so I’m out most of the time to catch up with friends. Yes, it’s not easy! No kitchen left, and the departure arriving so quickly!