Earth day and a quick bento

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Risotto topped with flax seeds and wakame
-Canned pepper bell, mum’s home-grown carrots, flat green beans, chive, parsley

Most of the time I feel like the hummingbird trying to fight an enormous forest fire with the tiny drop of water he can store in his beak, not listening to the others laughing about the nonsense of the situation, trying not to hear their “it’s useless” argumentation.
But today is different. Today is Earth day. Today, I feel that I’m not the only hummingbird in the world. That trying to consume less and differently is not just like another stone in the pond. That going for respectful environment-friendly and not-tested-on-animals products is not just another fancy of mine. That taking the time to make my own cleaning products is worth it (at least I know our sceptic tank thanks us for it), and so is my weird ideas of buying mainly seasonal, local, fair-trade and/or organic goods. That trying to avoid plastic products and having a garden is not just useless. That the money we put into having a greener and waste-free home is meaningful. That preferring to walk or use the bicycle, or accepting the annoyance of public transport to the car is worth (at least I’ll do my daily sport).
Thanks to all the hummingbirds. Have a nice Earth day.
P.S.: I naturally went for a vegan bento. It lacks of proteins but this morning I ate a lemon tofu soufflé as breakfast.

Indian evening

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Spicy cabbage and pea
Caramelised turnip
Red rice with red beans

Bear had time to join me for dinner tonight. Meaning, that for once he wasn’t on the road. So while waiting I tried to put together dinner. And here’s what’s new: Indian spicy red cabbage and pea (which is usually done with a green cabbage) and caramelised turnips. The spice of the cabbage and pea dish is calmed down with the sweet turnips. Rice and red beans were added to balance the meal. I set the table with a nice cloth, the Sunday plates, and lit a few candles to make it a little special.

A French version is available here.

Red rice and terrific meat alike balls

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Bento content
-3 meat alike balls
-1/2 tomato
-1/4 aubergine sliced cooked with a spray of oil, chilli pepper, salt and pepper
-1/4 orange pepper bell
-1 little maize
-1/8 cucumber
Red rice
Homemade furitake

One more little idea to colour naturally rice: tomato sauce! It’s amazing it didn’t appear on the blog before because it’s one item which comes often on our table! Mum usually does it with green olives which gives a nice little taste. Though I usually eat it hot, it’s nice cool too. And it was really delicious with some little vegetables cooked and fresh. And today, I didn’t forget the pulse to have a well-balanced vegetarian bento. I did some really great “meat” balls with smoked tofu and gluten. The taste is really incredible and Bear was totally seduced by it. And now I can redo my favourite easy and express pasta recipe: “meat balls” with tomato sauce.

At last some time together, three colour Duchesses with spicy lentil sesame balls with their creamy dip and salad

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Pea and mint purée in Duchesse
Carrot purée in Duchesse
Potato purée in Duchesse
Coral lentils spicy balls
-Cucumber slices
-Spinach leaves
Creamy dip

As I told you, Bear is working a lot and so do I. I fill the lonely evenings with more work, or surfing on your blogs. But tonight it’s different. Bear sent me a text message that he would be able to join me for dinner. So, I put a bottle of our hometown wine to cool and started messing my kitchen. And this is our meal: three colour Duchesses with spicy lentil sesame balls with their creamy dip and salad.
The result was colourful, the taste amazing and Bear’s smile unforgettable. I believe that love and food have a strong link…;)

Todd in a pot

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Bento content
Vegetarian pesto tod in a pot
Cabbage salad with yoghurt
-Raw cauliflower, carrot sticks,
-Sandwich with vegetarian pâté and brown seedy bread (only Bf)
Little seitan crackers thick like dried meat, but much tastier!
-Quinoa with lens (soya sauce)

I am jaleous. Yes, I believe this was the feeling I had when viewing the nice tod in pots in bentos lately.
I just wanted to have some in my bento too! But a vegetarian tasty version. What I remember from the meaty version is quite heavy to digest. I wanted a light and spicy version. Result: Bear is totally fond of them. And they were great even cold in our lunch bento.
I didn’t have much time this evening and not much in the fridge either. So I completed this bento with a simple seedy brown sandwich which is maybe this seed gratin Cicerolle was speaking of :). I redid some of these little seitan crakers that I had to bread with nuts and walnut as I had finished most of my dried okara. You should definitely taste them!
With some fresh carrot sticks and cauliflower trees to complete the bento, I was rewarded with a great hug for this lunch!