Waffle when alone

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Quick broccoli salad (chilli pepper, olive, broccoli)
Tofu Chantilly

Sunshine. The dresses are popping out. Streets are full with bare legs. Female or male (picture the males with shorts not skirts, mean no offence to Scotland though). I’m resting in the garden under the shade of a fig tree. I’m treating myself with a salad that Bear would hate: crunchy broccolis (he likes them all soggy) with pepper bells (I still can’t get him to eat that). As a dessert, I guess he wouldn’t say no to my waffles but I know he would sulk at the cherries. But, this is the perfect meal for me. Like an enormous Christmas present, I cherished each bite.
I’m used to making a full batch of waffles and freeze the leftovers. They are perfect when my bread monster has eaten up all the bread with none left for breakfast. I just reach for them in the freezer and toss them in the toaster. I even prefer them this way as they come out with a crispy coat.
But I have to check on Bear, though he usually isn’t so keen in dessert, he can eat them all up on a movie night with some sweet chestnut purée.

Chile, a kitchen and a summer lunch

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-Little summer salad (pealed tomato, cucumber and lemon)
-Melon (half)
Tomato, courgette, olive and tofu pie.

Chile, end of the stay, a little flat shared with a friend. An oven, some great flour (I’d love to bring back tones of this flour). An evening baking where we ended as wet phantoms as one started to throw a pinch of flour to the other, then the other grabbed the near by glass half full of water…a great baking night.
The pie leftovers were completed for lunch with a little cucumber tomato salad and a melon. What more can you ask for?
Maybe that Bear could share these moments with me…

Chocolate cream and cookies

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-A glass of almond milk (homemade)
American vegan cookies
Chocolate cream pot

It’s all sunny these days and it makes me feel so happy. So why not add the pleasure of a nice breakfast? I did Bear’s favourite chocolate creams, with some vegan American style cookies. The chocolate creams are really easy to make and can be stored one week in the fridge, and Bear is so found of them! The vegan cookies are soft ones like those I tasted in Boston. And instead of the traditional glass of milk I preferred almond milk which is easier to make than soya milk, tastier (in my opinion) but a little more expensive.

Oh! And I did a I’m-on-diet-girly version of the chocolate cream pots with low-fat chocolate powder rather than chocolate.

A French version is available here.

Porridge for wintery days

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Apple and cinnamon flavoured porridge
-Hot beverage made from soya milk and chocolate

Winter, grey and cold days, icy wind and snowy mountains. What can one dream of on such days? The little ogre in me longs for a basic savoury and fulfilling porridge. Here it’s the apple and cinnamon version. But I can also go for any other variation with cranberries, sultanas, bananas, pear or even chocolate.

A French version is available here.

Vegan chocolate rice pie

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Tea time treat
Vegan chocolate rice pie
Iced tea
-Orange juice
-Squashed banana with a pinch of cinnamon

Lately I’m a little overwhelmed, so I’m a little away from the net and this blog. I’m really sorry, will you forgive me? Though I was really busy, I did find time for a little winter vegan treat: chocolate rice pie. A real pleasure that rarely lasts long here, though Bear hasn’t really a sweet tooth, he can’t resist to eat one more serving.

French translation available here.

Vegan lemon and kiwi pie

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Palack paneer
-Basmati rice
Lemon apple and kiwi pie.

I’m really busy lately but yesterday, we were having a meal together with my colleagues. As one of our colleagues has a broken leg, we had some Indian take away. And as I can’t imagine a good meal without a sweet touch, I decided to bake a pie. I was thinking of lemon pie. But well, I had to do it vegan, and without margarine to avoid palm oil.

Most of my colleagues are omnivores. When, I told them that I baked some vegan dessert, they joked about it: so we are eating flour and water? Bread? It can only be some sugary bread alike…Well, I really managed to amazed them with this pie!

I didn’t have any vegan recipe, and I was in a creative mood : I tried to create some lemon filling with lemons, apples and agar-agar (jelly seaweed). It took me something like one hour and a half taking into account that I did the soya milk on that evening for the sweet vegan crust pastry. Believe it was quite quick for a dessert. The lemon jelly is also really tasty on its own.

There were no leftovers…

Vegan coco chocolate mousse

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Vegan coco chocolate mousse
-1 hot cereal brew
-1 bowl of cereals with dried fruits and nuts
-2 mandarins juiced

By now, you know that I just cannot imagine a breakfast without a little treat. Mornings are so hard, I believe one deserves a treat for getting up! So yesterday evening while my spinach little pies were baking, I really quickly prepared some vegan mousse with coco milk, chocolate and agar-agar. The idea is to whisk them in the morning before serving to have a sort of mousse texture.

Agar-agar? it’s a seaweed which behave like gelatin. And, don’t believe Eryn, there’s no seaweed after taste. Either she has never tested it, either this after taste is unconscious. And I’d rather have unconscious after-taste of seaweed than animal corpses…And it’s pretty easy to play with it. Oh, sorry, I just got angry when reading that. I just couldn’t concentrate on anything else then. It’s a shame as she seems to have pretty photos. If you want to know more about agar-agar just check on Clea‘s blog, she seems to enjoy playing with it.

Oh, and I’m sorry about the colours of this photo. Doing photos in the late evening or early in the morning will rarely give pretty results…