Vegetarians and vitamin B12

To answer to Fosettes comment:
” Je mange végé sympa et on m’a dit que je risque de manquer de vitamine B 12″
which translates in “I’m vegetarian friendly and was warned about the possibility of B12 vitamin deficiency”.

A very good document for French readers can be found at “alliance vegétarienne“‘s website.

For lazy English readers here is a summary:
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Nutrition and calculation: how much should we eat per day? In kg…

I’m always seeking for the “perfect” healthy diet. So I surfed a bit on the net. In France the government has dedicated an entire website to this topic. Another website goes against these advices and put forward similar but more precise recommendations.
As I’m a bit curious (and love doing useless calculations), I wanted to know how much food (in kg!) we should be eating in an entire day.
First the recommendations are in servings. So what weighs a serving for each type of food?
There are two weights:

  • a nutritional value: what you should supposedly eat (e.g 100g of a 125g yoghurt),
  • a consumed or eaten value: what you actually eat (e.g. the whole yoghurt!).

Moreover each type of staple has a particular value, so to ease the thing, I did an average of all the listed items. For example for the weight of a serving in fruits (consumed value = 109g) I did the average of all the consumed value of each fruit : apricot (100g), apple (140g), strawberry (65g),… The result of my calculations are the following.
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