Vegan cookies to hold on this week

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A box full of
Crispy chocolate chips and almonds cookies
Chocolate oat short bread

I really have to admit it, I need tea treats! To reward me from getting up, to get a smile from Bear, before getting in bed…or just…well, do one really need a reason to bite in a cookie while burning their hand holding a cup of hot beverage?
For me cookies is not cake-like but crispy and still a little chewy. I at least achieved these so wanted cookies, and they are vegan!
Hey, yes, I had no more eggs in the fridge.
So by the way I veganised the short breads by using silken tofu instead of yoghurt.
These tea treats didn’t take me so long to prepare, I mainly just had to be patient and wait that they finished baking.

*Happy I managed to wake up early enough to write a post*


Beetroot cupcakes

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé

Beetroot cupcakes
-The juice of two oranges
-Cereals where I added dried apple, dried date and walnuts.

Ah! Winter: there are so few vegetables and fruits available in markets. But this doesn’t prevent me from being greedy! And I do love sweet treats. On the 6th of January every French family eats its “galette des rois” (king’s tort) which is a puffed pastry stuffed with some almond mixture called frangipane. (I have no photos as I had guests that day and I never feel like taking my camera out when people are around). The game is to find the lucky charm that is hidden in it.

And as I had leftovers from the frangipane I decided to create some beetroot pink cupcake with it. The result is amazing. Hot, you’d eat thousands without realising it. Cool, it remembers me of the Christmas market you find in Alsace or Germany with this spicy cinnamon taste.
Just a little bite, and I saw myself with a glass of hot spicy red wine in the hand, in the freezing winter with this glittering Christmas decorations. So great!

Quinoa and parsley burger

Bento content
Quinoa and parsley burger
-Gingery broccoli with roasted almonds
-three rice mix topped with spicy coral lens purée.

This bento was a little treat I made myself. It not really the most well-balanced meal I prepared as there are a bit too much of cereals, but this occurred to my mind long after eating it… Sometimes, I’m a bit too busy to think properly! Nevermind, I enjoyed it eventhough! I just enjoy vegetarian bentos, full of new flavours!

Red Cross

Bento content:
-Cherry, melon
-Milky rice
-Almond paste.

Hihi, this bento is to thank the Red Cross for this wonderful week I spent learning to become a first aider. I think it isn’t necessary to debate: the message is clear. I’ll try to become a volunteer when I’ll be in Poland for the international Red Cross, but it might be difficult as I don’t speak Polish yet.
Let’s focus on cooking! The rice is cooked with milk instead of water and with a drop of vanilla (one of rice for two and a half of milk). I didn’t add any sugar as I had planned to accommodate it with almond paste, which is really sugary. The writing and the teddy’s eyes, nose, button and feet are done with hot chocolate and a piping nozzle of size 2.
It was really tasty. I enjoyed eating a sweet meal for a change. It was also a great opportunity to try my piping skills (poor and needs training!).

Blossom of cup cakes

These cupcakes were my first try towards cake decoration. I made 30 of them for a party we have at work today. I prepared them on Sunday though, because I couldn’t imagine when I would find the time on Monday or Tuesday! The cake is a carrot cake. I’ll give you the one person recipe (yeah…it’s much better no?)
To melt the chocolate I have this wonderful machine:I purchased it on Sunday at a flea market for five Euro! Incredible isn’t it? It melts the chocolate (at 60 degrees) and keeps it melted (at 43 degrees). What’s wonderful with it is that I can’t even buy the spatula at this price…and it was included! That was a bargain!

One go for the bento challenge: Shaddock

So this is my first kyaraben : the Shaddock.

Bento content :
-Nori, wasabi
-Green cabbage, courgette, mushroom, turnip, and almonds.

The top tier is precooked cabbage in water, then heat all the chopped vegetables in a frying pan with a little oil. Add a little bit of cream, then some ginger, turmeric, salt, pepper, garlic, nutmeg.
The result isn’t enough satisfying to post it on BentoChallenge.