Love letter, leftover lunchbox

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Hollandaise sauce
Mint peas
-Courgette and potato sauté
Lens and beans burger

Back to work as normal, a bento for lunch as being a vegetarian in France is not the easiest. Some courgette and potatoes sautés and some strawberries completed yesterday’s leftovers.
I should be more sedentary in the following months. Not sure Bear will though, so I’ll be the one staying in a lonely house filled with memories, laughs and teasing, scrabble games and chess defeats, decoration planning and wall banged down, plaster dust and paint smells, dug up garden and newly planted trees, all the things we only manage to do together and when one is not by our side we just lose the strength or ability to do.

Together, mint peas, hollandaise sauce and asparagus

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Quick evening meal
Mint peas
Hollandaise sauce
Lens and red beans burger

After my trip to Chile I did a jump to Sweden while Bear was in Finland. Both home at last we treated ourselves with some asparagus highlighted with an hollandaise sauce. I added a lens and red bean burger as I really missed pulses in Chilean restaurants. Some rice with mint peas was the perfect match.
It’s such a pleasure to be together again.

Verrines as appetizers

Bisounours_51 also offered me the recipe book Diner au Verre. And in the same idea as the spoon appetizers, we just went through our fridge and it gave:

  • flower of smoked salmon, asparagus, dill
  • lettuce leaf, omelette stuffed with potato and minced meat topped with curry ketchup
  • faisselle (cheese strainer), minced carrots, and mixed lettuces topped with horseradish

Hihi, I just love these appetizers, there are so cute! I fell in love with these types of presentation. I was a bit against verrines before I tried. I still hold that verrines are pretty but there’s usually not much more about it! What I loved was to create them, not to mimic recipes.

Spoon appetizers

Bisounours_51 has given me a recipe book about spoon presentation: Diner à la cuillère. The spoons were some appetizers we created with what was in our fridge:

  • Carrot, horseradish, smoked salmon, dill, salmon eggs
  • Curry ketchup, omelette stuffed with potato and pieces of minced meat, gouda slice and dill
  • Asparagus with mayonnaise, pancetta, olive.

That was just so great! And it’s mostly just a cute presentation.