Late summer sunday salad

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-Avocado stuffed with sweet mayonnaise and tomato sauce topped with olives
-Chicory with spread cheese, carrots
-Alfalfa sprouts, leek sprouts
-Cherry tomato, mozzarella, and basil brochettes
-Lamb’s lettuce with pan onions and dried tomatoes
-Pan toasted bread
Poached egg
Banana jelly

It’s snowing here. And mamapasta was saying that it would not snow here. Good gosh, I love snow. I love to dress up to brave the wintry cold. But I seem to be the only one down here…And maybe I’m the only one who has her boiler out of order…for five days now…
So, to tease you (and myself) I’ll show you one of my sunday meals when I had no oven, and when sun was still shinning bright, clear and hot. And sundays are usually the days when I try to make a special meal. So what can we do without an oven? I thought nowt…finally it isn’t as bad as I thought!

French translation available here.

Cheese potato veggie burger served as sandwiches

Bento content
Apple and banana sweetened curry
Veggie potato burgers served as sandwiches (stuffed with avocado, tomato, fresh spinach).

I Just enjoyed this bento so much! the sandwiches were very great and quite fulfilling. The curry was maybe a bit too much! But, well sometimes, I just don’t realise things when assembling it together!
And here in Chile it’s so easy to find avocados…try them, there not alike those we find in Europe. Lucky them!

For the veggie burgers I used “harina integral” is wonderful. The taste is so much different from those I’ve found in France! I tried a beet tart I usually with this flour, it turned so tasty! I’m just sad I won’t found any in Poland, I believe!

Rolled sandwiches with parsley, carrot or avocado

Bento content:
Rolled sandwiches with parsley, carrot or avocado
-Grape, pear
-Mushroom, radishes, cauliflower, olive,
-Gouda, Maasdam cheese.

When I come back from shopping, I just like to eat fresh veggies and fruits. So, this bento is an “after-shopping” bento. I just enjoy to dip fresh veggies in a mix of cream cheese, faisselle and spices, or guacamole.
I prefer to make my own bread (because I’m sure of what ingredients are in and the smell of fresh bread is such a pleasure!), so here is the recipe of my own cereals sandwich loaf. It’s a milky bread so it has this soft texture. It is a bit sweet though.

The carrot one is done similarly but with carrot mince instead of parsley. I did really thick sandwich rolls and unfortunately I do not have a photo of the spiral side of the sandwich roll. I’ll try to show it in a forthcoming bento.
You can just vary this recipe by putting spices or others herbs as thyme, dill, paprika, cumin… Just let your imagination flow.
The third sandwich roll is done with guacamole. If you don’t have any lemon you can use drop of vinegar. I began to love avocado as a spread since I came back from Chile. They put avocado everywhere! I was happy I enjoyed it if not…well it would have been hard to appreciate the food!

Again some burrito!

Bento content:
-Cereal bread with cheese
-Nigri sushi topped with carrot, lump fish eggs, guacamole
-Burrito stuffed with corn salad, radish, guacamole, smoked salmon,
-Kiwi, mandarin, pear, banana slices
-Fruit cake (home-made: a birthday present from my mum).

On the one hand, I was a bit upset about the general look of this bento. I really had thought about it, and finally it didn’t come out at all like I was hopping for. But, on the other hand, it was really tasty. So this is a good counterpart, isn’t it?
I really enjoyed to snack later in the afternoon with the fruit cake and the cheese sandwich. Finally, I cut my meals into little snacks spread throughout the day. So I can enjoy eating more often! Huhu…Thanks to bentos I wouldn’t be eating four meals per day, but only snacks…The power of portion-control.

Sushi party

This evening, we met with a few friends to have a cooking lesson. I was meant to explain how to make sushis. But I have to admit that I have some moulds to help me. This is the easiest way to have prefect size and uniform sushi. I just can’t imagine how people can struggle so hard to have these exact diameter size sushis when moulds exist…This is the result of or evening of cooking:

Ingredients :
-Omelette, cream cheese
-Avocado,carrot, cucumber, mushroom
-Raw salmon.

Then, to complete this meal a friend of us made us this wonderful dessert. It is made with cream, raffaello chocolates and strawberry. It was so great! We ate it all in the dish with tablespoons. What a shame! (But such a real pleasure! ( -o-;) ). This evening was a good opportunity to forget all my stress and to breathe a bit fresh air. Cooking parties are such fun!