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Lunch bowl
Poached egg
Caramelised aubergine
Sweet tomato chilli beans (exchange the hot chili pepper paste with 1 tsp of sugar or agave sirop)

Sometimes I like to wander on the web. And here’s what I found on Shoko’s amazing blog: Donburi. So when I managed to found aubergine at my local store, I went for it! And to say true it became a popular meal at our place! You should definitively give it a try!

English breakfast

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Poached egg
Beans in sweet homemade tomato sauce
Homemade bread

Lille, cold freezing mornings though the sun is out. A scarf, gloves and hat are more than necessary. A little flat, tiny kitchen. Big enough for a proper English breakfast to give me the strength to fight the icy wind.

A French version is available here.

Onion flavoured bread and tapenade

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

-Mini tomatoes
-Maize (pickle)
-White and green beans
-Sandwiches made of onion flavoured bread with black tapenade and mushrooms

Yesterday, I forgot to give you the recipe of my onion flavoured bread. So, it’s a good thing that I show you such a simple bento. Nothing really fancy, just a few veggies, a little sandwich with homemade bread and tapenade. Just enough to make my day and make me forget that I’m totally owerwhelmed with my work!

Red cabbage okara veggie burger

Bento, Zoé, Vegetarian

Bento content
Red cabbage okara veggie burger
-Celery stacks and leaves, orange pepper flowers
Potato scones
-Californian maki with cheese
Home-made tomato sauce with red beans
Roasted pumpkin seeds

As I told you, I make my own soya milk, soya yoghurt, silken tofu..Therefore I’m left with okara: the residue of the grounded soya seeds.
What could I probably do with it? Veggie burgers definitively!
I made a vegan recipe by replacing one egg by 2 tsp of potato starch and 1/4 cup of water.

Thank you

Bento content:
-Boiled egg with cayenne pepper
-Flat beans
Roasted vegetables with garlic and oregano
-Goat cheese
-Granny apple
Courgette envelope of mixed rice and beans.

I made three of these bento for my sister who is helping me to move, and for Bisounours_51 who took some days off to support me with the stress of the upcoming days.This bento was yummy!
I’m so happy I went towards spicy roasted vegetables. I really need to vary my menus so that I make up with taste and appetite. And isn’t this envelope a pretty way to present rice?

My melody

Bento content:
-Coloured rice with beetroot and blueberry
-Broccoli, cauliflower, Italian flat beans, carrot
Spicy vegetables stir
-Cherries, grape
Mint red bean balls
-Prawn balls.

The recipe of is a sort of strange variation of falafels. Somehow I’m not very keen in frying things and I’m really not good at it. So when you do this recipe do not wait for falafel but for for some mint salty cookies. A good friend of mine tasted them and really enjoyed them. So it’s a very good sign!

It was really hard to mould out my melody from rice. I think the other bentoist must have a mould. I had troubles to make both rice stick together. If ever they do not use a mould I’m really impressed because it really takes a long time! And the only way I managed to make them stick is to put the head of my melody (without the ears) in some clean film and roll it. Then, I had to stick the ears, which wasn’t the easiest part. Well, this is a thing you can’t just do for fun quickly…I prepared it the day before and left it in the fridge. And this morning I assembled the bento.

A trip to Paris

Bento content:
-Smashed potato,
-Ginger flavoured broccoli and Italian flat beans, read beans
Chicken rolls
-Strawberries, cherry, mint leaves,
Rice pudding.

Hey yes, I’m in Paris again. And this time with no time to go to the Chinese shops.