Bechamel peas

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-Steamed romanesco broccoli
Bechamel peas
Risotto (carrots, onion, mushrooms, broccoli)

Sometimes I wonder whether or not to post my everyday bentos. The risotto is yesterday evening’s leftovers. I do not have a proper recipe as I wasn’t the cook! Bear made us the meal yesterday and he rarely measures anything regarding spices. I believe you could go with any risotto recipe already featured here. I added some peas in bechamel and steamed romanesco brocoli.

I found a better way to heat up my meal, avoiding a microwave: I stuck it in an oven for seven minutes at 200°C (to avoid meals to dry up add a glass of boiling water in the oven). Just keep in mind that I have a tiny oven that heats up quick. Have a nice day!


Pancakes stuffed with leek and aubergine béchamel

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Leek and aubergine bechamel stuffing
Tomato sauce vegetable stir stuffing
Apple stew with cinnamon stuffing

Bear is working a lot lately and it’s one of the first night he’s not on the road. Damn, two constant travellers living together, it’s not the easiest match.
So to celebrate that tonight, we are having pancakes and a little sip of our hometown wine.
We do enjoy pancakes. But as we were so happy to be in the kitchen together again we got a little creative and thought of some stuffing which would make these pancakes a little bit special.
We went through the fridge and played with ingredients! A real treat! Will you join?

Dinner Bentos

Bento content:
-Pancake stuffed with ham and béchamel sauce
-Coral lens
-Rice topped with some tomato with garlic sauce
-A half merguez sausage
-Banana split ice cream with stewed apple.

Today I’m at my boyfriend’s. He enjoys my thrill for miniature cooking and the fact that it helps us to look after our health and weight. I lost more than 6 kg just thanks to the portion control due to bento boxes. The thing is that I just love cooking. And when at last I had my own kitchen (let’s call it so), I enjoyed so much cooking that I was able to do as much as four meals in one evening. And guess what I would it them! The next day, if I was too busy to cook I’d eat whatever or just wouldn’t eat. None of the above solutions were good! The idea is to try to have a balanced meal…but what do we hear with well-balanced meal? I found so many answers (most of them really weird…and not at all in my taste style…I love too much veggies and fruit to accept to put more than 50% of starchy food!). So when I know or have a “good” source, I’ll tell you.

Fossettes has an answer from weight watchers, which suits me.

Then, after a while I had the thought that eating fruits and veggies would be the solution. But without any starchy food, I ate a bit too much of them, and I would always feel hungry.
So, my thrill for bentos is the healthy part and the fact that once for all I can cook mini things, mouthful size, and eat my “four” meals in one go! What a good compromise!

This bento is the result of the ideas and cooking of both of us. It was really tasty!
I don’t thing any items need a recipe explanation.