Pesto verde two ways and red soup

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Red soup
Pesto verde
Chocolate short bread

Hi! How are you all today? Managed to get up early to post a little! I was quite tired and really busy lately (well, think that I’ll be busy until June at least…)
This is why I’m so eager to find some quickly made dinners, to ease my week. One idea is this everyday soup. This time it’s a red soup made of beetroot, carrot and mandarin mainly. A real pleasure at each spoon.
And I may be busy and really in a hurry I won’t give up homemade food! No way!
Bear relied a lot before on these pesto verde cans. It’s a quick sauce that is really good on spaghetti! Something quickly made, healthy and delicious? I had to have a go and make some.
One which would have no palm oil, no artificial food colouring or additional “things” with their so sexy names starting with E and some numbers…
Conclusion? Well, I have to admit, the little basil I managed to grow was not enough to redo some, so we went to the market to make some more…with some aubergine. We used it as a spread in some sandwiches…
Be patient, this bento is coming up!

Spinach and ricotta lasagne

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Sweet and spicy red soup
Spinach and ricotta lasagna

I’m so happy when I can find some fresh spinach and I really wanted to have a go for spinach and ricotta lasagne.
As you may have understood, I’m trying to get a little more organised to have dinner served a little more quickly as I have also to run to get also our next day bentos ready.
So I have prepared some little soup. This one is sweet and spicy at the same time, the sweetness comes from the apple and the spicy from chilli pepper. I’ll prepare it quite thick and store it in the fridge (remember I have no freezer to rely on) and I’ll add a little water before reheating.
The lasagne is also a good meal which could last us two evenings. But I have to admit that we liked it too much to have any leftovers for the next evening…

Puff pastry with sauercraut and mushrooms, spicy paneer spinach

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Spicy paneer spinach
Red risotto
Puff pastry filled with sauerkraut and mushroom

You all know how I’m into doing every single thing homemade. But, I have to admit, I never did myself flacky pastry. I usually was only just the little helper. And in France it was so easy to find some processed.
Well, I have to admit that here Francuskie ciasto is not the cheapest pastry you’d find and I only found them in French supermarkets.
And Bear astonished me: he decide on the spot that because we hadn’t any in the fridge he’d make some! Well, my jaw dropped, I phone mum for the recipe and let him play! (See tutorial)
This is how he came with this little sauerkraut and mushrooms pie. The filling can seem weird to some of you, but it tastes like a lot of polish filling we tasted lately. It was really incredibly good and a good way to eat our cabbage.

To highlight his creation I added the beetroot risotto, which is so great hot, and some spicy feta spinach. Yes, spinach is our favourite vegetable. So prettily green, so tasty and with Indian style spices, well, Bear and I had the best dinner ever.

Maybe all these great adjectives would convince you to roll up your sleeves and lock you up in your kitchen!

Mushroom pie

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Bento content
Mushroom pudding
Mushroom pie
-Vegetable stir
-Beetroot square salad
Humus (olive flavoured)
French vinaigrette
Olive polenta crackers
Date flapjack

This bento is full of left-overs of yesterday evening (night?).

I know it’s not the most appealing photo to sell you my mushroom pie recipe…I had too much of the mushroom stuffing for the pudding. So with a little bit of potato starch and some help (Bear did the pastry) I quickly prepared some pie.
Okay..I’ll take out the “I made the pie”…”we” would be more appropriate!

And as you see, this is the last bento of the week: no more fresh vegetables left in my fridge! Can’t wait to be tomorrow: market shopping day! Yeeh!

Pierogi z kapusta i grzybami

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-2 pierogi z kapusta i grzybami
Potato and beetroot purée topped with Polish leek salad, beetroot cubes and peas
-Apple bird

We had tried quite a few time bought pierogies. This was okay before my Polish friend made us taste homemade ones. There was no way back, we had to do our owns. These pierogies are pasta stuffed with cabbage and mushrooms. It took us a bit of time but we prepared enough for three meals.
And the next week-end we had a course of pierogi making with my Polish friends and so we had the opportunity to do ones with mushroom filling, spinach filling, sweet cream cheese filling. So with this tutorial and overview of fillings, Polish pierogies won’t have any secret for you.
The ones pictured here are enormous! Normally they are 1/4 of this size and you can therefore eat a lot more with different fillings.
We had also a go for beetroot and cheese filling. These need a little spicy tomato sauce to spice them up. It’s nothing like Polish, it’s just our own fantasy!