Olive and tomato cake

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Bento (Bear’s)
Olive and tomato cake
-Tup of mayonnaise
-Two steamed onigris stuffed with spread cream and sprouts (nori)
-Lentils sprouts
-Carrot sliced
-Mushroom sliced
-Quarter of apple

I don’t now how many photos I tried to take of my Mamie’s olive and tomato cake (my French Granny). So this is my last shot, it’s not good and doesn’t seems as yummy as it should. But I’m fed up of trying, I did everything I could possibly think of. So here you are with Bear’s favourite salty cake. With some little items to highlight it.

A French translation is avalaible here.

A little apple mousse cake for tea

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Tea treat
Apple mousse cake with raspberry jam topping

It’s Tuesday, I’m sitting, my face in the sun on a bench on Krakowie Predmescie, one of the most pretty street in Warsaw. After some time in the sun, I came back to have some apple mousse cake and a cup of tea. As usual I cannot live without these little treats (what, this is what I was meant to answer at this tag? Maybe you should have made it more precise… 😉 ) So, would you share a piece a cake with me, under the polish sunny days before I’ll leave this country? Yes, there is a little sad note in this last sentence.

Little evening treat, coffee muffins

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé

-1 little coffee yoghurt muffins
-1 hot chocolate.

In the late evening, before tucking ourselves under the covers, I like to have some hot beverages and maybe a little treat.
I think that by now you got that I’ve got sweet tongue. This time I made quick little yoghurt oat coffee flavoured muffins topped with walnuts.
Yes, I managed to put oat in them, once again!
I made a chocolate version (without oats and topped with almonds) for Bf’s colleagues. Conclusion: no left-overs! I’ll have to redo some…

Cheese cake with French ingredients

As I told you I want to reconcile with my taste. So, I prepared this little treat so that a smile will appear on my face and on the faces of my friends when they pop in for tea. It’s a very easy recipe, and it seems to be really fashion those days. Well, for me it’s just one of my tea time treats I like to have from time to time.

Again some burrito!

Bento content:
-Cereal bread with cheese
-Nigri sushi topped with carrot, lump fish eggs, guacamole
-Burrito stuffed with corn salad, radish, guacamole, smoked salmon,
-Kiwi, mandarin, pear, banana slices
-Fruit cake (home-made: a birthday present from my mum).

On the one hand, I was a bit upset about the general look of this bento. I really had thought about it, and finally it didn’t come out at all like I was hopping for. But, on the other hand, it was really tasty. So this is a good counterpart, isn’t it?
I really enjoyed to snack later in the afternoon with the fruit cake and the cheese sandwich. Finally, I cut my meals into little snacks spread throughout the day. So I can enjoy eating more often! Huhu…Thanks to bentos I wouldn’t be eating four meals per day, but only snacks…The power of portion-control.