Mexican soup

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Mexican soup

With this cold weather a good spicy soup is the best meal one can hope for. It’s a spicy tomato soup with chick peas. Add some bread and this gives you a well-balanced meal! It’s one of the meal which we really enjoy and can be really quickly done on a busy evening.

French translation available here.

A new little oven and a Provencal cheese pie

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Thai like soup
Provencal cheese pie
-Mini tomatoes
-Carrot salad
-Lettuce (Lamb lettuce)
-Raw cauliflower

A new oven has taken place in my little kitchen! Therefore I can continue my pie craziness. A few guests came by to have a little chat this evening and joined us for dinner. My stay in Poland has changed some of my habits, and I now often start a meal with a little soup. This Thai soup was made of julienned carrots, maize, broad beans, mungo beans sprouts and chive. Truly refreshing. Then, a little plate full of salad with a magical Provençal cheese cake with dried tomatoes. Bear is totally fond of it, and it was one of the pies he asked me to bake for his goodbye party when we left Poland.

Chapatis and Indian curry

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Chick peas and vegetable curry
-Basmati rice

Have you ever tasted chapatis? A thin pancake which blows up while cooking,
giving a really light texture to this bread. It makes it the best accompaniment for vegetables and curries.
It’s quite easy to do, and would impress your guests with few work.

Pumpkin dressed in tagine style

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This photo has been found here.

Spicy Moroccan pumpkin tagine

I’m really sorry I forgot my camera. This meal was so great. I love pumpkin and
I was looking for a little foreigner taste to spice my day up.
I therefore thought about a way to use pumpkin differently: in pumpkin style tagine.
Baked pumpkin and radish give so sweet and tender bite, highlighted with chick-peas, sultanas, almonds, prune and spices, and this sunny touch with this sweet and sour taste you can get with honey and vinegar deglazing.
Yaouh I just enjoyed it!