Chocolate and banana treats, rose hip jam

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Tea treat
Chocolate and banana treats
Rose hip jam on homemade brioche
-Freshly juiced orange
-Chicory beverage

Okay banana isn’t local, but from time to time I like to have some. Here I mixed it with some chocolate mousse to please my greedy sweet tooth of mine. As it wasn’t enough (I’m really greedy) I hopped to my cupboard and went to fetch a little treasure: our homemade rose hip jam. Did you ever do some? It starts with a walk on the hills to pick up the fruits, then it continues with two nights of cooking! But it’s worth it. Just taste it on a slice of brioche…

P.S.: Mum, here’s the chocolate mousse I was talking about the other day.

A French version is available here.

Courgette treat as a good bento item

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Bento content
Coco and banana jelly
-Polish pickles (ogorki)
-Mini tomatoes
-Rice with pumpkin pickle
Courgette treat

Monday isn’t my favourite day. Going back to work with a cold, being so tired and knowing that I’m late in my work, that I should have worked the week-end too, that I’ll need to hurry…I’m so happy I took time to prepare this little bento Sunday to warm my heart up with good homemade food. And this bento has a new item which is truly great eaten cold also: courgette slices seasoned with soya sauce, rice vinegar and to which I tossed in some homemade furitake. Tomorrow will be easier, it’s Tuesday.

Tacu-tacu and pili-pili sauce

Tacu-tacu with pili pili sauce
-Vegetable stir

While I was in Chile I ate in a Peruvian restaurant, where I had the opportunity to eat tacu-tacu with the pili pili sauce.
I bought a recipe book there and looked up at the recipe (in Spanish…so, I’m not sure). I did this dinner in Warsaw, without the book
(my suitcase has limits…unfortunately). So this recipe is a mix from “reminiscence” and of the ingredients I had find the first week I arrived (it means really few 😦 ).

A try for ducks

So this is my today’s bento: the duck family. I’m a bit sad I don’t have these picks with ducks that you can find on the net and maybe I should have thought to do some less discrete wings. Well, eventhough, this is my try:

Bento content :
Rice coloured with turmeric and soya sauce
Tomatoes fried with vinegar
Vegetable stir, radishes
-Two coconut cookies (yeah, I’m fond of coconut).

It was really tasty! Even cold it was quite good. I’ll keep this bento in mind for a week-end size bento! I did more than 40 cookies, for my own…No, come on! I offered 30 for a friend’s birthday, and kept ten for me. *Greedy girl*!