Pesto verde two ways and red soup

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Red soup
Pesto verde
Chocolate short bread

Hi! How are you all today? Managed to get up early to post a little! I was quite tired and really busy lately (well, think that I’ll be busy until June at least…)
This is why I’m so eager to find some quickly made dinners, to ease my week. One idea is this everyday soup. This time it’s a red soup made of beetroot, carrot and mandarin mainly. A real pleasure at each spoon.
And I may be busy and really in a hurry I won’t give up homemade food! No way!
Bear relied a lot before on these pesto verde cans. It’s a quick sauce that is really good on spaghetti! Something quickly made, healthy and delicious? I had to have a go and make some.
One which would have no palm oil, no artificial food colouring or additional “things” with their so sexy names starting with E and some numbers…
Conclusion? Well, I have to admit, the little basil I managed to grow was not enough to redo some, so we went to the market to make some more…with some aubergine. We used it as a spread in some sandwiches…
Be patient, this bento is coming up!

Vegan cookies to hold on this week

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipe, Cuisine, Zoé

A box full of
Crispy chocolate chips and almonds cookies
Chocolate oat short bread

I really have to admit it, I need tea treats! To reward me from getting up, to get a smile from Bear, before getting in bed…or just…well, do one really need a reason to bite in a cookie while burning their hand holding a cup of hot beverage?
For me cookies is not cake-like but crispy and still a little chewy. I at least achieved these so wanted cookies, and they are vegan!
Hey, yes, I had no more eggs in the fridge.
So by the way I veganised the short breads by using silken tofu instead of yoghurt.
These tea treats didn’t take me so long to prepare, I mainly just had to be patient and wait that they finished baking.

*Happy I managed to wake up early enough to write a post*

A try for ducks

So this is my today’s bento: the duck family. I’m a bit sad I don’t have these picks with ducks that you can find on the net and maybe I should have thought to do some less discrete wings. Well, eventhough, this is my try:

Bento content :
Rice coloured with turmeric and soya sauce
Tomatoes fried with vinegar
Vegetable stir, radishes
-Two coconut cookies (yeah, I’m fond of coconut).

It was really tasty! Even cold it was quite good. I’ll keep this bento in mind for a week-end size bento! I did more than 40 cookies, for my own…No, come on! I offered 30 for a friend’s birthday, and kept ten for me. *Greedy girl*!