My new bento box

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Bento content
-Pumpkin pickle
-Rice (risotto)
-Cucumber slices and mushroom slices
-Quail egg
-Dried fruit, pecan nut
Vegan chocolate muffin
-Half a kiwi
-Quarter of apple

The bento pictured is my new bento box from Bento&Co. I rarely advertise for anything, but I believe that Thomas deserved it. You might know through forums or through comments that I was looking for a metal bento box which would be air and liquid tight. I had no opprtunities to find any which could be purchased in Europe and especially Poland. Then, I contacted Thomas and chatted a little. This is how I had the opportunity to purchase the exact bento box I wanted. This is the first meal I had in this bento.
The bento is in stainless steel, so you should avoid any acid food as lemon or vinegar if you want to keep it shinny. Why metal? Come on, it doesn’t go in a microwave. Yes, but, it does go on a a cooker which is what I have access to at my office. So, now I can eat hot meals. It’s just too bad that it’s summer already and that I prefer salad and fresh bentos…Well, don’t complain! It’ll be a real joy in winter (hopping that I do have access to a heater in my next job…)


It continues…

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Bento content
Coffee cupcake
Polenta olive crakers
Humus olive pâté, tapenade
-Sauerkraut with pickles
Falafel, cauliflower crakers
Pea and mint pie
-Cucumber (only me).

The only way, I manage to prepare bentos everyday is by preparing on week-ends a few recipes. As I have no freezer, my bentos will be quite similar. I’ll just add a few items to spice a little bit my lunches. Each of them, will be really quick to prepare and easy enough to be made on tired evenings when the only thing that crosses your mind is: when can I go to bed?

Today, I added some little polenta olive carkers, and some pea and mint pies. The mint pea pies were just a wonder, even cold! A good bento item.

A poor attempt for San Francisco Golden Bridge

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Bento content
Blue naturally coloured rice
Lighter version of the beetroot cupcake
Lentils and nut cupcake
-Carrot sticks flavoured with ginger and anis
-Broccoli flavoured with ginger, anis, and chilli pepper
Carrot and celery pickle
-Red cabbage polish salad with walnuts
-Mushrooms and cucumber slices.

This evening I had a little time. So I tried to answer Sandra‘s question: how to obtain blue natural colouring. The answer is red cabbage with raising powder! The colour is really deep blue. The amount of red cabbage leaves will permit you to play with the intensity of the blue. At first, I was thinking of doing the bridge with nori which would have giving a more precise result, but it didn’t stand out the way carrot did…I’m not at all satisfied with the result but I had truly fun creating it! Hope it’ll be tasty!

Empty fridge bento!

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Bento content
-Boiled egg
Citrus, aubergine cabbage salad
-Sandwich with vegetarian pâté and cheese
Beetroot cupcake.

This is the last bento of the week. The fridge is empty. Really empty. The only vegetables left are the long-lasting ones; cabbage, cauliflower and aubergine. We had to go out and buy some cheese and bread in a supermarket. The vegetables and fruit will wait tomorrow as I prefer those coming from the organic market than the untasty ones from supermarket.
Well, as a punishment, we ended with this poor bento.
I managed to put together a sandwich with vegetarian pâté, raw cauliflower and cheese. It was my first try at vegetarian pâté. I was given it for Christmas. Well, I have to admit that it was really good. I would never have guessed. I would never have tasted some neither as it is quite expensive. Maybe, I’ll find a way to prepare some now that I know how it should taste! 🙂

The citrus cabbage salad is a mix of aubergine, orange and cabbage. A good mix to be able to fight back these wintry days!

Note, that BF had hidden a beetroot cupcake so he could have a last one in his bento…Grrr!

And to conclude this week’s challenge: I had a little trouble to stick to plans, so I’ll try that again next week. I’m quite happy that I was able to ave a bento each day, though, I might rely more on leftovers, as it’s time eating to prepare each evening two meals. I’ll have to think it out. By the way, a big thanks to Maki for this challenge!

Spicy tomato sauce and cabbage

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé
Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé

Bento content:
-Grated carrot with a Japanese style vinaigrette
Quinoa beetroot bites sprinkled with chilli pepper powder
-Broccoli and cabbage mini burgers sprinkled with ginger powder
Lentils and pumpkin seeds muffins
-Basmati rice with carrot and nori
Spicy tomato sauce and cabbage
-Chocolate and banana yoghurt cupcake

Oh, I’m so sad, we finished our beetroot cupcakes! I had to prepare new cupcakes. These are easy yoghurt cupcakes flavoured with banana and chocolate.
The other new item in this bento is the spicy tomato cabbage.
And guess what, I managed to forget my bento at home! I had to go back and eat at home.
Grr…There’s no use to prepare a bento if you forget it! I’m so scatterbrain.

This time you can have a view of the two bentos. Bisounours_51 decorated mine (two tier bento) and me his (blue bento).
Okay, I have to admit…he’s so more creative!

A similar bento with broccoli and cabbage mini burgers

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Bento content:
-Grated carrot with a Japanese style vinaigrette
-Carrot variation of the vegetarian sushi
-Broccoli and cabbage burgers sprinkled with ginger powder
Quinoa beetroot bites sprinkled with chilli pepper powder
Lentils and pumpkin seeds muffins
Beetroot cupcakes.

Well, the bento is really similar to yesterday’s. But, it’s well-balanced (for a vegetarian eater) and took less than ten minutes to put together. So, at least, I managed to stick to my goals! Thanks Maki for the motivation!

I cannot give you the precise recipe for the broccoli and cabbage burgers, as I merely just cooked both veggies in water with a vegetarian stock cube, blended them, added ginger, rice flour, soya flour, polenta and flour until it was thick enough to make burgers that I could cook in a frying pan (both sides). I wasn’t awake enough
to keep track of how much of what I put inside to make them. I hope, you’ll forgive me.

Oh, by the way, the blue bentos featured lately are Bisounours_51’s. I wouldn’t be able to eat so much! 🙂

Beetroot party: Quinoa beetroot bites!

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Bento content:
Quinoa beetroot bites sprinkled with chilli pepper powder,
Lentils and roasted pumpkin seeds cake
Carrot variation of the vegetarian sushi
Polish cabbage salad
Beetroot cupcake.

So today, I didn’t forget the pulse. I made some little muffins with lentils and roasted pumpkin seeds. How did I came with this idea? I had read the title lens and nut cake in my Mexican cookbook. But I never took the time to read the recipe and dream about it. Somehow, I had a precise idea of what that should be. I went through the recipe, and was really disappointed. It was just lens burgers served with tomato sauce and nuts…No way! I therefore just went and tried whatsoever and… Bisounours_51 is really found of them! Hey, so proud :)! And, as they are bento friendly, you’ll see them appearing quite often!
As I’m quite found of beetroot lately, I wanted to marry it with quinoa to give pretty pink bites to fresh up this bento and make me forget about winter and the cold!