Rice sandwiches, home-grown vegetables

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Bento content
Rice sandwiches stuffed with mushroom pâté (homemade)
-Mum’s garden carrot and parsnip
Lentils salad
-Dried fig, almonds, cranberries, and crystallised ginger
-Two little Alsatian biscuit (from Alice)

It has been a while since I last posted. Sorry about that but I’m quite busy lately and it seems it’s not going to change much. A friend of us popped in for dinner a few days ago and brought me some of these traditional Alsatian biscuits, and as we didn’t eat the full box on that evening I still had a few to squeeze in my lunch box. The vegetables are mum’s home-grown one’s, I find them so tiny and so cute, and if you had the chance to taste them you’d find them incredibly tasty and flavoured. It just wonderfully matched with my mushroom rice sandwiches. And just a little tip to enhance your rice sandwiches : use glutinous rice!

A French translation is available here

Girly skull or beetroot coloured rice

Bento content:
Beetroot coloured rice
-Broccoli, carrot, Italian flat beans
stuffed parsley and lemon rolled chicken
-Lemon, fig, apricot, cherries, strawberry.

I like skulls, and usually I associate them with either a smile or a girly colour. Somehow it seems that this idea became quite popular. Well, I won’t change that because it became common!
This bento was full of taste and colour. I was really happy to eat it! (I’m the lucky one who eat it!)
The vegetables were all cooked with two tablespoons of soja. As I cooked in the same time the lemon slices the taste was truly awesome.
The colour of the rice was a red pink (it doesn’t properly come out here) so I’ll have to put less beetroot for a more pastel colour. In fact, I don’t really like beetroot. To say the truth, I don’t like beetroot except as bortch (the Polish beetroot soup) or now as a food colouring. Finally I think I just don’t like to eat beetroot in salads. Huhu..next time I’ll show you the blueberry coloured rice for those who are hopping to have “the most near to blue” coloured rice.

Meat again…

Bento content:
Minced meat with egg
Chili beans
-Cherry, strawberry, apricot, fig.

For the first time I find a veg and fruit market in Montpellier that offered very good quality fruits and veggies for low price. I had to walk for one hour or so, but it was really worth the fruits and veggies have such a good taste. So by the way, I continued and bought a little bit of meat a the butcher. This guy was really nice he gave me tiny pieces of meat without annoying me. Usually in supermarkets I can either only buy pre-packed meat (which is way too much for me) or have a lot of difficulties to have a tiny pieces at the butcher’s. Finally my shopping was even cheaper than usual and the quality is much better. Conclusion, I’ll have to book my next Saturday morning for shopping!
This week I was most of the time eating at restaurants in Lyon and somehow it seems that there meals are essentially composed of meat. Well, for a veg-eater like me it was really harsh. Still, I tried to prepare myself a bit of meat by hiding inside a boiled egg. The result is quite nice to look, and I even enjoyed eating it. I cut mine into two for two reasons: first I’m not a fan of meat so half is more than enough, and secondly it’s much more prettier to see the hidden egg, no?
If you manage to make a form with these egg moulds go ahead. I just didn’t manage yesterday evening, maybe too tired from the journey back from Lyon…