Beetroot cupcakes

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Beetroot cupcakes
-The juice of two oranges
-Cereals where I added dried apple, dried date and walnuts.

Ah! Winter: there are so few vegetables and fruits available in markets. But this doesn’t prevent me from being greedy! And I do love sweet treats. On the 6th of January every French family eats its “galette des rois” (king’s tort) which is a puffed pastry stuffed with some almond mixture called frangipane. (I have no photos as I had guests that day and I never feel like taking my camera out when people are around). The game is to find the lucky charm that is hidden in it.

And as I had leftovers from the frangipane I decided to create some beetroot pink cupcake with it. The result is amazing. Hot, you’d eat thousands without realising it. Cool, it remembers me of the Christmas market you find in Alsace or Germany with this spicy cinnamon taste.
Just a little bite, and I saw myself with a glass of hot spicy red wine in the hand, in the freezing winter with this glittering Christmas decorations. So great!