Pierogi z kapusta i grzybami

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-2 pierogi z kapusta i grzybami
Potato and beetroot purée topped with Polish leek salad, beetroot cubes and peas
-Apple bird

We had tried quite a few time bought pierogies. This was okay before my Polish friend made us taste homemade ones. There was no way back, we had to do our owns. These pierogies are pasta stuffed with cabbage and mushrooms. It took us a bit of time but we prepared enough for three meals.
And the next week-end we had a course of pierogi making with my Polish friends and so we had the opportunity to do ones with mushroom filling, spinach filling, sweet cream cheese filling. So with this tutorial and overview of fillings, Polish pierogies won’t have any secret for you.
The ones pictured here are enormous! Normally they are 1/4 of this size and you can therefore eat a lot more with different fillings.
We had also a go for beetroot and cheese filling. These need a little spicy tomato sauce to spice them up. It’s nothing like Polish, it’s just our own fantasy!