Banana coco jelly, thin okara and miso breaded seitan

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Bento content
Sesame cookies
Banana and coco jelly (lemon for the colour)
-Cauliflower and carrot sticks
Thin seitan slices breaded with okara and miso
-Kiwi slices

So happy, I’m back cooking again on a daily basis. Bear is too! This bento is full of little things I missed these last days: homemade cookies, jelly, houmous, rice and raw vegetables and fruits.
It’s stupid but humus isn’t something common in France. I mean you cannot go in any shop and find can of houmous. Unfortunatly. And jelly is just unavailable and I tend to avoid mousses because of gelatine.
So back at home, with very little time and just blended a banana and add coco flakes a little lemon to prevent the banana to turn brown and agar-agar. And here you are!
As I told you yesterday, I wanted a to add a little more flavour to my ham. How? Well, I played with the breading. As usual I headed towards my okara box better than bread crumbs and looked for miso and spices! The result was really great!
And today’s treat were these little cookies mostly made out of sesame and maple syrup.

Vegetarian sandwiches

Bento content:
-Vegetarian sandwiches: sprouts, tomatoes, hummus, green peppers, pickles,
-Pudding: oats, orange apple slices, grape and yoghurt.

Lately I had a new caprice: germinate seeds. Sprouts have so many healthly properties that I couldn’t resist a try.
But somehow I had to find some recipes to use them!
As I told you those days are quite uneasy for cooking as I don’t always have access to a proper kitchen, or do not have my own tools…
not only the fancy ones, just any tool.
So to germinate those seeds (here fenugreek, radish and lens) I’ve used a plate with a piece of material that I would water twice a day
(don’t forget that before germination these seeds need a twelve hour soaking in cool water). It takes something like four to five days, but what an enjoying
idea. When I was a kid we would only germinate watercress, and the sprouts would make hair to our head-eggshells.

For my first try, I just included them in a vegetarian sandwich. I was a bit sceptical about the vegetarian spread: hummus, but this was before I tasted it!
I’m just totally fond of these vegetarian spreads made of carrots, mushrooms, lens, onions…
So this sandwich is stuffed with hummus, tomatoes, pickles, and sprouts and roasted green peppers.

I hope I’ll be forgiven for all the trouble I’ve encountered lately for posting. Here, it’s a real fuss to upload a photo!
I hope things will get easier in a few days!