Greek pita bento to assemble

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipe, Cuisine, Zoé

Homemade pita breads
-Grated carrots, cucumber, celery, turnip
-Sliced cabbage and red cabbage
White sauce
Humus flavoured with olives
-Dried dates, chocolate.

Sometimes Bear complains that sandwichs are good too. So to charm him and prove him that healthy bentos and sandwiches are not incompatibles I came up with
vegetarian pitas with falafels.

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipe, Cuisine, Zoé

The idea is to prepare the pitas just before eating. The pita are precut and we just had to spread a little nut of humus, then the vegetables, the falafels and top with the white sauce.

Bear shared his bento with a colleague on the way to Wroclaw…one more addicted, one more poor wife which has to start bentoing (yes, here female/male roles seems still to be really settled…[hard for a feminist like me 😉] ).
And Bear is begging me to make him this bentos again and again…Pffiou!

Mushroom pie

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipe, Cuisine, Zoé

Bento content
Mushroom pudding
Mushroom pie
-Vegetable stir
-Beetroot square salad
Humus (olive flavoured)
French vinaigrette
Olive polenta crackers
Date flapjack

This bento is full of left-overs of yesterday evening (night?).

I know it’s not the most appealing photo to sell you my mushroom pie recipe…I had too much of the mushroom stuffing for the pudding. So with a little bit of potato starch and some help (Bear did the pastry) I quickly prepared some pie.
Okay..I’ll take out the “I made the pie”…”we” would be more appropriate!

And as you see, this is the last bento of the week: no more fresh vegetables left in my fridge! Can’t wait to be tomorrow: market shopping day! Yeeh!

It continues…

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipe, Cuisine, Zoé

Bento content
Coffee cupcake
Polenta olive crakers
Humus olive pâté, tapenade
-Sauerkraut with pickles
Falafel, cauliflower crakers
Pea and mint pie
-Cucumber (only me).

The only way, I manage to prepare bentos everyday is by preparing on week-ends a few recipes. As I have no freezer, my bentos will be quite similar. I’ll just add a few items to spice a little bit my lunches. Each of them, will be really quick to prepare and easy enough to be made on tired evenings when the only thing that crosses your mind is: when can I go to bed?

Today, I added some little polenta olive carkers, and some pea and mint pies. The mint pea pies were just a wonder, even cold! A good bento item.

Not so creative lately

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipe, Cuisine, Zoé

Bento content
Leek and apple salad
-Soba coloured in violet (with red cabbage)
Tofu dumplings
-Boiled red cabbage
-Corn, carrot salad
Cauliflower tempura

Well, well…this is true life. And I’m sure that most of you sometimes think that my bento are really too long to prepare, that I’m crazy and I’m locked in my kitchen.
So I want to be true with you : I have no freezer, I have few time, so well, this bento is similar to the day before, and the one before…Only cauliflower crakers were quickly made yesterday evening. Then, I boiled some red cabbage and boil the pasta in this water to obtain a light violet colour which is nearly invisible.

And you, do you have any tip to speed up bento making without freezer, canned, or bought food? Not, that I complain…I love homemade food!

End of week bento:

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé

Cabbage tempura patties
Nuggets of spicy white beans
-Onigri rice sandwich with olive vegetarian pâté and nori
-Carrot and radish salad with French vinaigrette
-Boiled carrot slices and broccoli trees flavoured with stock
-Half a muffin of lentils and walnut cake

It’s the end of the week and happily there’s very few in the fridge.Happily? Yes, an empty fridge at the end of the week means a good week planning and
no waste. But, it’s a real challenge to put together a bento. Being in Poland and in winter we mostly rely on cabbage, and I have to use cunning to come out with another recipe to prepare them in order not to get bored. This time I came up with some little patties flavoured with miso.
I also prepared some little nugget balls of white beans that I spiced up with chilli pepper and thyme!
I know that this photo is not the best way to advertise the vegetarian pâté I made up. But, I was so happy with the taste of the one I had been offered for Christmas that I wanted to have a go and do some my own. The base is humus that I flavoured with olives and paprika. This was a really good experiment! I made some more for this week-end sandwiches with fresh veggies from the market!

I’m ill…so little cooking this week.