Hand made presents, kiwi and mint jelly

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-Lens and rice
Potato purée
Kiwi and mint jelly

My lonely evenings are quite full lately. Lots of Christmas projects, and clothes mending. A few buttons and a ribbon and the nightdress is ready for the midnight ball. Some drawings, birthday cards. And dolls awaking from surgery after a few stitches or a bath.
So only a quick bento could be done tonight. It is a little starchy but I should be eating a little more of proteins, the fruits are just a way to treat myself. I just have to keep in mind that tomorrow night I have to prepare a plate full of veggies to compensate!

My new bento box

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Bento content
-Pumpkin pickle
-Rice (risotto)
-Cucumber slices and mushroom slices
-Quail egg
-Dried fruit, pecan nut
Vegan chocolate muffin
-Half a kiwi
-Quarter of apple

The bento pictured is my new bento box from Bento&Co. I rarely advertise for anything, but I believe that Thomas deserved it. You might know through forums or through comments that I was looking for a metal bento box which would be air and liquid tight. I had no opprtunities to find any which could be purchased in Europe and especially Poland. Then, I contacted Thomas and chatted a little. This is how I had the opportunity to purchase the exact bento box I wanted. This is the first meal I had in this bento.
The bento is in stainless steel, so you should avoid any acid food as lemon or vinegar if you want to keep it shinny. Why metal? Come on, it doesn’t go in a microwave. Yes, but, it does go on a a cooker which is what I have access to at my office. So, now I can eat hot meals. It’s just too bad that it’s summer already and that I prefer salad and fresh bentos…Well, don’t complain! It’ll be a real joy in winter (hopping that I do have access to a heater in my next job…)

Bear’s today’s bento, vegan chocolate cupcakes

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Bento content
-Kiwi 2
-Apple quarter
Vegan chocolate muffin
Onigri with nutritional yeast
Cabbage yoghurt
-Celery salad and vinaigrette
-Carrot sticks

The sun is out, shining right through our windows. It is the best moment of the year to have a bento for lunch. The best thing is that we can now just walk a little and sit under the shade of a tree in Lacienki park. Yes, I have the chance to work nearby. I believe that every Warsaw inhabitant is proud of this famous park. They can be! It’s a real joy to sit under a tree on a bench and forget for one hour the stress and the work enjoying my lunch.
Bear doesn’t have the same chance, but as he is mostly on the road lately he happens to eat his bentos in much fancier places than I do: Augustow, Kielce, Wroclaw, Krakow, Zakopane,…

Breakfast so tasty

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Raspberry juice
-Kiwi creamy sandwich
Vegan crunchy raspberry and apple crumble

You know how we are fond of breakfast…Well, couldn’t resist to the temptation of raspberries. Raspberry juice and raspberry crumble, and kiwi creamy sandwich…
(Spot out the odd one out) It’s just that a breakfast has to have at least two (different) fruits in it no?
I do like breakfast, especially when I can moan and groan and lazybone in bed and then still be rewarded with such a breakfast! Oh I do. Was I in a bad mood this morning? Come on, it faded away with the first sip of raspberry juice!

Carving for veggies

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

-Bulka with creamy cheese and kiwi
Salad made of red cabbage, apple, lettuce, yoghurt, pecan nuts, french vinaigrette
Vegetable stir with eggs and curry

I’m all alone tonight. Bear is travelling. (How can I complain I’m just the same!) But it is different to be the one travelling or the one waiting patiently waiting at home. To cheer me up, I prepared myself some vegetables. A plate full of veggies! So ate my sadness all up…sob, sob. Just teasing. Bear will be proud I wasn’t too lazy to make myself a proper meal this time. Yeah, this is usually what happens…when, he’s away, I usually just go truly lazy…