Chile, a kitchen and a summer lunch

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-Little summer salad (pealed tomato, cucumber and lemon)
-Melon (half)
Tomato, courgette, olive and tofu pie.

Chile, end of the stay, a little flat shared with a friend. An oven, some great flour (I’d love to bring back tones of this flour). An evening baking where we ended as wet phantoms as one started to throw a pinch of flour to the other, then the other grabbed the near by glass half full of water…a great baking night.
The pie leftovers were completed for lunch with a little cucumber tomato salad and a melon. What more can you ask for?
Maybe that Bear could share these moments with me…

Vegan little hearts

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Biscuit box:
Box full of vegan little biscuits glazed with lemony sugar

Many make such a fuss about Valentine’s day. Here we don’t do much, especially when we are both ill and doing our best to hold on. (And maybe also because we think that we should be sweet and respectful one to each other on a everyday basis, not once a year). But I thought that a box full of vegan hearts biscuits would mark the day.

A French version is available here.

Because sandwich can be vegetarian!

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Okara breaded broccoli
-Carrot salad
French vinaigrette
Vegan lemon and kiwi pie
Sandwich made of vegan pâté (black beans), spinach leaves, lettuce, cucumber, cheese.

As I told you I running all the time, I need to go quick. And as you know I still wanted to bake this vegan tort for our job meeting. Still, I had to prepare a bento and well, at some time, go to bed! So I quickly assembled this bento with breaded broccoli for the crunchy taste, raw vegetables for the fresh taste, this little vegan pie because I couldn’t present a pie that I hadn’t tasted before, and to complete a vegetarian sandwich. Yes sandwiches can be vegetarian! This one is filled with creamy cheese, vegan pâté (black beans), spinach leaves, lettuce, cucumber.

Vegan lemon and kiwi pie

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Palack paneer
-Basmati rice
Lemon apple and kiwi pie.

I’m really busy lately but yesterday, we were having a meal together with my colleagues. As one of our colleagues has a broken leg, we had some Indian take away. And as I can’t imagine a good meal without a sweet touch, I decided to bake a pie. I was thinking of lemon pie. But well, I had to do it vegan, and without margarine to avoid palm oil.

Most of my colleagues are omnivores. When, I told them that I baked some vegan dessert, they joked about it: so we are eating flour and water? Bread? It can only be some sugary bread alike…Well, I really managed to amazed them with this pie!

I didn’t have any vegan recipe, and I was in a creative mood : I tried to create some lemon filling with lemons, apples and agar-agar (jelly seaweed). It took me something like one hour and a half taking into account that I did the soya milk on that evening for the sweet vegan crust pastry. Believe it was quite quick for a dessert. The lemon jelly is also really tasty on its own.

There were no leftovers…

Bitter sweet little lemon treats

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Bitter sweet lemon pudding

I had only one lemon left and a eager need for lemon pudding! So I decided to use my only lemon to make some bitter lemon pudding.
I believe that to appreciate these treats you have either to have British blood or you must have find the secret path to marmalade addiction.

I also used such a pudding as a filling of lemon tart, which charmed my guests.