Polish bigos

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Polish bigos

Tianjin, Beijin. Eleven hours flight back. A three hours train trip to meet Bear who did a ten hours car trip. Five hours to sleep and then a fifteen hours trip with a car with no air-conditioning for a week of full pleasure in Poland. Back home. With this feeling that one week is too short. That we didn’t have even enough time to see every friend as long as we would have liked to. Not enough time to sit and feel the sun on our face and have the pleasure to be silently one with each other, with this mutual understanding that you share with close friends. Now we are back in France. I wanted to cheer Bear up and make him some bigos. Okay, I know that Alsatian spätzle are not at all Polish, but Bear loves them too! I was rewarded with a kiss for this meal, so! Who cares, if the dishes are not used to be mixed together! I must add, that I thank my dear sister to repeat the spätzle recipe each time I need it…so, I’ll write it down and stop bothering you. Oh, geez, I don’t remember the exact amount of ingredients…well, I’ll phone you first. Sorry!

Olive and tomato cake

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Bento (Bear’s)
Olive and tomato cake
-Tup of mayonnaise
-Two steamed onigris stuffed with spread cream and sprouts (nori)
-Lentils sprouts
-Carrot sliced
-Mushroom sliced
-Quarter of apple

I don’t now how many photos I tried to take of my Mamie’s olive and tomato cake (my French Granny). So this is my last shot, it’s not good and doesn’t seems as yummy as it should. But I’m fed up of trying, I did everything I could possibly think of. So here you are with Bear’s favourite salty cake. With some little items to highlight it.

A French translation is avalaible here.