Courgette cupcakes, banana-coco vegan cupcake

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Bento content
-Sandwich (spinach, vegetarian pâté, cucumber)
Courgette cupcake (vegan, bread based)
Banana-coco cupcake (vegan) or sweet courgette cupcakes
-Mandarin slices
-Kiwi slices
-Carrot salad
Vegan tsatsiki
Japanese style vinaigrette

I just can’t read. I mean at least a recipe! I was catching up some recipes in Julie’s blog when I fell on this cupcake recipe with Tastsiki. The recipe seemed tempting and the idea of having it for a bento was just great. So here I go straight to the shop to get what I was missing in my fridge. I don’t know how in my twisted mind I thought I needed courgette to do her cupcakes. Please don’t ask. I felt so stupid back home in front of my computer, ready to try her recipe…and seeing that my memories of the ingredients were really fantaisist! And I had promised Bear some fantastic courgette cupcakes…So this is how I ended up with some courgette cupcakes with Tsatsiki. A good bento item, it was a real joy to gobble up my lunch today! And, because I really bought too much courgette I did some sweet courgette cupcakes for desert. Can you see any difference between the two?
The other bento has banana-coco flavoured cupcakes.

Orange soup, homemade pizzas, hibiscus muffins

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Orange soup
Vegetarian pizza
Little hibiscus and honey flavoured muffins.

It’s Saturday evening. The morning we were in the market to buy some fresh vegetables. So this evening, we treated ourselves with some orange soup and pizza.
Why orange soup? Well, it is made with orange coloured vegetables and fruits: pumpkin, carrot and mandarin. The mandarin taste is really discrete so no worry it only highlights the pumpkin and carrot taste.

This soup allowed us to be patient enough to let the pizza dough rise. Yes, we had a little homemade pizza topped with feta, spinach leaves, olives and broccoli trees. (If you like photos just check the recipe of the pizza to see this one).
I think that’s it’s in Chile that for the first time I saw how creative one can be with vegetarian pizzas. I’m just fond of them! Maybe I’ll show you some others…if you want.

The little hibiscus and honey muffins were a little experiment. They are milk free and to say true you would not be able to make them with milk. Nor ordinary milk nor soya. Both coagulates when you add the hibiscus flowers. I forgot to take them in photo as they were eaten more quickly than expected! Which I believe is quite a good sign…!

Short chocolate oat bread

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-2 mandarins
-1 apple
-English breakfast tea
-2 short chocolate oat bread
-2 slices of bread with chocolate spread.

I love Sunday mornings. We can stay a little longer in bed and there’s our Sunday breakfasts. Well, I usual try to prepare some little treats the Saturday for Sunday’s breakfast. And if we’re lucky we can have some from Monday to Wednesday morning. This time I prepared some short chocolate oat breads. This short bread recipe is lighter than the usual ones as I used mostly yoghurt better than the butter.

Hangover lunch

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Yesterday night, BF had a welcoming party with his colleagues at the office. He came back knowing so much more polish thanks to a real polish helper: Wodka (Polish spelling for Vodka)! So I ended up taking care of him all night, and well…today’s morning too. I still managed to drag him down to the market to buy some veggies and fruits. After I just had time to prepare a little snack for me and this is what I came up with:

Vegetarian croque monsieur (see below)
Lentils and pumpkin seeds cupcake
-Red cabbage and young green onion salad with my Japanese vinaigrette

This croque-monsieur is just a vegetarian sandwich grilled in a George Foreman-style grill. I’ve put inside this vegetarian pâté I received, a radish spread, some sliced mushrooms and a piece of Polish cheese whose name his quite misleading: ser salami. Nothing to do with salami it’s only a cheese really similar to Gouda I would say.
Well, I’m just killing time…he’s sleeping.
Tonight, I’ll offer him a French-Polish dictionary, the side effects when using it to try to speak Polish are less obvious than Wodka!

Again some burrito!

Bento content:
-Cereal bread with cheese
-Nigri sushi topped with carrot, lump fish eggs, guacamole
-Burrito stuffed with corn salad, radish, guacamole, smoked salmon,
-Kiwi, mandarin, pear, banana slices
-Fruit cake (home-made: a birthday present from my mum).

On the one hand, I was a bit upset about the general look of this bento. I really had thought about it, and finally it didn’t come out at all like I was hopping for. But, on the other hand, it was really tasty. So this is a good counterpart, isn’t it?
I really enjoyed to snack later in the afternoon with the fruit cake and the cheese sandwich. Finally, I cut my meals into little snacks spread throughout the day. So I can enjoy eating more often! Huhu…Thanks to bentos I wouldn’t be eating four meals per day, but only snacks…The power of portion-control.