Chile, a kitchen and a summer lunch

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-Little summer salad (pealed tomato, cucumber and lemon)
-Melon (half)
Tomato, courgette, olive and tofu pie.

Chile, end of the stay, a little flat shared with a friend. An oven, some great flour (I’d love to bring back tones of this flour). An evening baking where we ended as wet phantoms as one started to throw a pinch of flour to the other, then the other grabbed the near by glass half full of water…a great baking night.
The pie leftovers were completed for lunch with a little cucumber tomato salad and a melon. What more can you ask for?
Maybe that Bear could share these moments with me…

Breakfast when Bear is far away working: fruit salad and granola

I’m craving for summer and its wonderful fruits. So I’ll go back in time and share with you a meal and some memories.

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Fruity salad (watermelon, melon, apple, pear, tomato, carrot, mirabelle) with orange sweet sauce
Homemade granola

Bear is away working. My little eyes are puffy and tired as I’m not really disciplined in going early to bed when he’s away. I therefore needed a little cheering up breakfast full of vitamins. A little fruity salad topped with homemade granola with a orange caramel sauce.
A real treat!

Red Cross

Bento content:
-Cherry, melon
-Milky rice
-Almond paste.

Hihi, this bento is to thank the Red Cross for this wonderful week I spent learning to become a first aider. I think it isn’t necessary to debate: the message is clear. I’ll try to become a volunteer when I’ll be in Poland for the international Red Cross, but it might be difficult as I don’t speak Polish yet.
Let’s focus on cooking! The rice is cooked with milk instead of water and with a drop of vanilla (one of rice for two and a half of milk). I didn’t add any sugar as I had planned to accommodate it with almond paste, which is really sugary. The writing and the teddy’s eyes, nose, button and feet are done with hot chocolate and a piping nozzle of size 2.
It was really tasty. I enjoyed eating a sweet meal for a change. It was also a great opportunity to try my piping skills (poor and needs training!).