Red naturally coloured red rice

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Red beetroot risotto vegetarian sushis
-Carrot salad, celery salad
Light pea salad with mayonnaise
Tempura of cauliflower and broccoli
-Cucumber sticks
-Cherry of French vinaigrette

So in my search of naturally colouring, I was looking for red colouring. And so, I came with a beetroot risotto. Bear was totally charmed by this combination thanks to the little sweet and sour taste due to the additional vinegar. And this sushi version was incredibly great too.
The pea with mayonnaise is one of Bisounours_51’s favourite. But, I have to agree that I cannot agree to put so much of mayonnaise so I just add yoghurt to mayonnaise and some potato starch to thicken it.

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipe, Cuisine, Zoé

And the last item which was the king of this bento is these tempura cauliflower and broccoli sticks. The tempura paste is flavoured with miso and soya sauce, and breaded with okara. Yes, okara is the rest of grounded soya crumbs which are left-overs from soya milk. To store them if I don’t use them in veggie burgers, I dry them. They are a very good item to change from breadcrumbs. Lighter and crispier how could one resist?

This bento was a true relief and a real pleasure. And as I didn’t manage to choose, you’ll have our both bentos!


A poor attempt for San Francisco Golden Bridge

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé

Bento content
Blue naturally coloured rice
Lighter version of the beetroot cupcake
Lentils and nut cupcake
-Carrot sticks flavoured with ginger and anis
-Broccoli flavoured with ginger, anis, and chilli pepper
Carrot and celery pickle
-Red cabbage polish salad with walnuts
-Mushrooms and cucumber slices.

This evening I had a little time. So I tried to answer Sandra‘s question: how to obtain blue natural colouring. The answer is red cabbage with raising powder! The colour is really deep blue. The amount of red cabbage leaves will permit you to play with the intensity of the blue. At first, I was thinking of doing the bridge with nori which would have giving a more precise result, but it didn’t stand out the way carrot did…I’m not at all satisfied with the result but I had truly fun creating it! Hope it’ll be tasty!

Blueberry rice

Bento content:
Blueberry rice, beetroot rice
Prawn balls with an without sesames seeds
-Mini sandwiches with cheese cream parsley and carrot
-Italian flat beans, courgette, radishes.

The purple coloured rice is for quedumimi who was asking for other colouration of rice such as blue. Unfortunately I knew it would give a purple pigmentation, but it’s better to see it than just believe me, he?
Next try is blackberry, with a bit of luck it’ll be more bluish than this purple!
The purple of this rice is quite dark, but it only depends on the amount of blueberries you’ll cook with your rice. Here you see that the pink rice is paler than the one I did with the rice I used in the post where I did a rice pink heart with the nori skull.

About blueberry rice, it has barely no taste except the taste of rice with a little after-taste of blueberry. But nearly undetectable. I was a bit disappointed about this, but it leaves a lot of opportunities of flavouring!

Each cloud as its silver line!

Girly skull or beetroot coloured rice

Bento content:
Beetroot coloured rice
-Broccoli, carrot, Italian flat beans
stuffed parsley and lemon rolled chicken
-Lemon, fig, apricot, cherries, strawberry.

I like skulls, and usually I associate them with either a smile or a girly colour. Somehow it seems that this idea became quite popular. Well, I won’t change that because it became common!
This bento was full of taste and colour. I was really happy to eat it! (I’m the lucky one who eat it!)
The vegetables were all cooked with two tablespoons of soja. As I cooked in the same time the lemon slices the taste was truly awesome.
The colour of the rice was a red pink (it doesn’t properly come out here) so I’ll have to put less beetroot for a more pastel colour. In fact, I don’t really like beetroot. To say the truth, I don’t like beetroot except as bortch (the Polish beetroot soup) or now as a food colouring. Finally I think I just don’t like to eat beetroot in salads. time I’ll show you the blueberry coloured rice for those who are hopping to have “the most near to blue” coloured rice.