Sunday for two: Tempura

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Sunday lunch
Tempura (aubergine, carrot, onion)
-Soba with miso
Sweet and sour tomato sauce

Did you ever tasted tempura? Such lightly breaded fried vegetables. I added some sweet and sour sauce with a little soba and miso soup to complete the meal. And though, it’s not Japanese, I added some falafel for the pulse, but it was a little too much fried item for the same meal. Next time, we’ll go for some steamed pulse burgers!

Chocolate and banana treats, rose hip jam

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Tea treat
Chocolate and banana treats
Rose hip jam on homemade brioche
-Freshly juiced orange
-Chicory beverage

Okay banana isn’t local, but from time to time I like to have some. Here I mixed it with some chocolate mousse to please my greedy sweet tooth of mine. As it wasn’t enough (I’m really greedy) I hopped to my cupboard and went to fetch a little treasure: our homemade rose hip jam. Did you ever do some? It starts with a walk on the hills to pick up the fruits, then it continues with two nights of cooking! But it’s worth it. Just taste it on a slice of brioche…

P.S.: Mum, here’s the chocolate mousse I was talking about the other day.

A French version is available here.

Vegan chocolate rice pie

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Tea time treat
Vegan chocolate rice pie
Iced tea
-Orange juice
-Squashed banana with a pinch of cinnamon

Lately I’m a little overwhelmed, so I’m a little away from the net and this blog. I’m really sorry, will you forgive me? Though I was really busy, I did find time for a little winter vegan treat: chocolate rice pie. A real pleasure that rarely lasts long here, though Bear hasn’t really a sweet tooth, he can’t resist to eat one more serving.

French translation available here.

Orange soup, homemade pizzas, hibiscus muffins

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Orange soup
Vegetarian pizza
Little hibiscus and honey flavoured muffins.

It’s Saturday evening. The morning we were in the market to buy some fresh vegetables. So this evening, we treated ourselves with some orange soup and pizza.
Why orange soup? Well, it is made with orange coloured vegetables and fruits: pumpkin, carrot and mandarin. The mandarin taste is really discrete so no worry it only highlights the pumpkin and carrot taste.

This soup allowed us to be patient enough to let the pizza dough rise. Yes, we had a little homemade pizza topped with feta, spinach leaves, olives and broccoli trees. (If you like photos just check the recipe of the pizza to see this one).
I think that’s it’s in Chile that for the first time I saw how creative one can be with vegetarian pizzas. I’m just fond of them! Maybe I’ll show you some others…if you want.

The little hibiscus and honey muffins were a little experiment. They are milk free and to say true you would not be able to make them with milk. Nor ordinary milk nor soya. Both coagulates when you add the hibiscus flowers. I forgot to take them in photo as they were eaten more quickly than expected! Which I believe is quite a good sign…!

Boys are born in cabbages, natural homemade food colouring

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Bento content
Blue naturally coloured rice
Lighter version of the beetroot cupcake
Lentils and nut cupcake
-Carrot sticks flavoured with ginger and anis
-Broccoli flavoured with ginger, anis, and chilli pepper
Carrot and celery pickle
Red cabbage polish salad with walnuts
-Mushrooms and cucumber slices
-Green cabbage leave flavoured with ginger, chilli pepper and anis.

This my yesterday bento with the blue naturally coloured rice. Conclusion it is really tasty and it has been approved by Bear. I tried to present a little baby boy wrapped in a cabbage leaf. A French joke, I believe.

It came to my mind that you might be interested to have a overview of different natural colouring I have blogged. (the link on the colour refers to the post I featured this rice colouring, the link on the vegetables refers to the recipe).

Red: Cherry, Beetroot , Tomato(updated).
Pink: Beetroot.
Yellow: Curcuma.
Bright yellow, light orange: saffron.
Orange: Carrot.
Pale orange: coral lens.
Purple: Blueberry.
Blue: Red cabbage with raising powder.
Green: Green cabbage, courgette.
Brown: soya sauce (updated).

Sweet pink: Cherry jam.

I mostly used them here to dye rice, but you can dye eggs, cakes, icing sugar.
Dying eggs can also be done using tea or onions.

*Updated: blue coloured rice recipe, light version of the beetroot cupcakes.*

Empty fridge bento!

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Bento content
-Boiled egg
Citrus, aubergine cabbage salad
-Sandwich with vegetarian pâté and cheese
Beetroot cupcake.

This is the last bento of the week. The fridge is empty. Really empty. The only vegetables left are the long-lasting ones; cabbage, cauliflower and aubergine. We had to go out and buy some cheese and bread in a supermarket. The vegetables and fruit will wait tomorrow as I prefer those coming from the organic market than the untasty ones from supermarket.
Well, as a punishment, we ended with this poor bento.
I managed to put together a sandwich with vegetarian pâté, raw cauliflower and cheese. It was my first try at vegetarian pâté. I was given it for Christmas. Well, I have to admit that it was really good. I would never have guessed. I would never have tasted some neither as it is quite expensive. Maybe, I’ll find a way to prepare some now that I know how it should taste! 🙂

The citrus cabbage salad is a mix of aubergine, orange and cabbage. A good mix to be able to fight back these wintry days!

Note, that BF had hidden a beetroot cupcake so he could have a last one in his bento…Grrr!

And to conclude this week’s challenge: I had a little trouble to stick to plans, so I’ll try that again next week. I’m quite happy that I was able to ave a bento each day, though, I might rely more on leftovers, as it’s time eating to prepare each evening two meals. I’ll have to think it out. By the way, a big thanks to Maki for this challenge!

Mixing style winter dinner

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Citrus salty salad
Breaded marinated kohlrabi
Roesti style potato and kohlrabi
Vegetarian sushis
-Miso soup.

It’s winter, and somehow it’s a little depressing. The cold, the short days, the melting snow. At least we still have the Christmas decorations in the old town.
This citrus salad is full of vitamins and would cheer anyone up! I accompanied them with some kohlrabi. But I played with this vegetable and proposed it in two ways: a breaded vegan marinated version and a vegan roasti style version which is mixed with potato. When, it comes out of the oven the outside is crunchy which hitghlignt that inside is smashed and tender. I rethought sushi to suit my tastes. This version is evidently vegetarian: marinated carrot, radish, and raw beetroot strips, with raw cabbage and feta. There’s not much Japonese taste left here but it was so tasty. And why couldn’t we rewrite recipes to meet our daily tastes?

I’m really happy as I found a good vegan way of coating the vegetables to be able to bread them. Until now I was just soaking them in water and then in bread. But this method had poor result in comparison to those coated with egg. Now with a mix of potato starch and tapioca we find a similar result. And by the way this can replace these so well known Energ-C egg replacer…

Remark: for sceptics, remark that except the feta in the sushis this meal would be vegan. So vegan or vegetarian eating is boring?