Express pasta meal

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Meaty tofu and gluten balls
Tomato sauce
Apple crumble

Some evenings are a little bit more busier than others. For these evenings I have some meat alike balls in the freezer that I can quickly accommodate with tomato sauce and pasta. It is one of my favourite express meals. What are your favourite express meals?

French translation available here.

Pierogi ruskie

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Pierogi ruskie
-Tomato salad with balsamic vinegar

It really has been a while since I posted last time. A lot has happened in between. I moved from a country to another and it took me more time than expected to be a little settled. Now, thanks to Bear, I have a kitchen, though without an oven yet. So thank you all for your comments and encouraging words!

Last time, I featured Polish pierogi, I had forgotten to mention the pierogi ruskie. These are stuffed with potato purée, sour cream and chive. This bento was eaten hot. Yes you read properly. I did heat the bento on the cooker at work.

Not so creative lately

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipe, Cuisine, Zoé

Bento content
Leek and apple salad
-Soba coloured in violet (with red cabbage)
Tofu dumplings
-Boiled red cabbage
-Corn, carrot salad
Cauliflower tempura

Well, well…this is true life. And I’m sure that most of you sometimes think that my bento are really too long to prepare, that I’m crazy and I’m locked in my kitchen.
So I want to be true with you : I have no freezer, I have few time, so well, this bento is similar to the day before, and the one before…Only cauliflower crakers were quickly made yesterday evening. Then, I boiled some red cabbage and boil the pasta in this water to obtain a light violet colour which is nearly invisible.

And you, do you have any tip to speed up bento making without freezer, canned, or bought food? Not, that I complain…I love homemade food!

Spinach and soya lasagne

Spinach and soya lasagne
-Vegan cookies with coffee.

While I was in Paris I met Bisounours_51 with his suitcase full…And there was my pasta machine. Oh, I was really released. I couldn’t bring it when I came the first time because of the weight.
So to celebrate this, we made a lasagne when back in Warsaw! So yummy with whole wheat fresh pasta sheets!

Quickly put together lunch

That lunch, I had forgotten to make myself a bento, so I had to go back home (30 minutes commuting) and to quickly prepare something. I had a look in my fridge and I had some green lens already cooked, a bit of salad and some sauerkraut. So this is with what I ended up :

Lunch (10 minutes prep)
-Polish sauerkraut with carrots
-Whole wheat pasta topped with a bolognese sauce of green lens
-Salad topped with pumpkin seeds

I just added a tea spoon of tomato sauce in the sauerkraut to give it this bright and warm colour.