Breakfast when Bear is far away working: fruit salad and granola

I’m craving for summer and its wonderful fruits. So I’ll go back in time and share with you a meal and some memories.

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Fruity salad (watermelon, melon, apple, pear, tomato, carrot, mirabelle) with orange sweet sauce
Homemade granola

Bear is away working. My little eyes are puffy and tired as I’m not really disciplined in going early to bed when he’s away. I therefore needed a little cheering up breakfast full of vitamins. A little fruity salad topped with homemade granola with a orange caramel sauce.
A real treat!

Pear Helene, iced tea

Vegetarian, Bento, Cuisine, Recipes, Zoé

Pear Helene
Iced tea

This evening we were at the pictures to see the next step of a famous movie which everybody is speaking of lately. We hadn’t taken time to have dinner. Bear had had a really big meal, so we agreed to have dessert (hurray, for me and my sweet tooth). So I quickly prepared some chocolate sauce to highlight some fresh pears. I served them with some homemade iced tea made with the so flowery tea my Belorussian friend offered us.

Let’s have something bad for us

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Spicy red cabbage
Apple and pear vegan nutty crumble.

If there’s something I miss about France it’s really this stinky running cheese like Munster. And when we entered our nearby shop we found this so familiar and sweet stinky smell! We couldn’t resist and bought two! The assistant at the check out was so disgusted and couldn’t bear the smell, she even put our cheese in plastic bags to prevent us of the smell…hihi! Guess she didn’t get why we were buying two of these nearly out of date cheeses…
Well, we treated ourselves with a vegetarian tartiflette!
This one is made with Saint Félicien, potato and turnip slices flavoured with cumin. Eh, from time to time we do enjoy having something really bad for us! So delicious…

Colourful bento

Vegetarian, Bento, Recipes, Zoé

Bento content
Seitan crakers
-Quinoa topped with kohlrabi leaves and nuts sprinkles
-Broccoli and Brussels sprouts flavoured with ginger, chilli pepper and stock
Apple and pear nutty crumble
Aubergine’s caviar, carrot and radish pickles
-BF’s eternal cheese sandwich
Quick soup

After swimming I had to pack really quickly up a bento for the next day. I had some seitan left, I decided to prepare them as little miso flavoured fritters. This was really a good idea. Even cold they are really tasty and not too greasy as I cannot truly fry them (none of my pans are deep enough). The apple and pear crumble was the result of this 6 o’clock cooking frenzy. And it’s a good way to make BF eat fruits. (I still didn’t find enough tricks to make him eat fruits except juices, smoothies and cakes…any idea?) What’s more? Ah..aubergine caviar. This is a very good dip which deserves it’s name. One aubergine gives really little caviar…but so tasty! And last but not least, I added a little round tup in which I poured boiling water to make it in a soup. This one is a mix of miso, kohlrabi and nut sprinkle and dried tomato strips. Well, that was really tasty! I’ll make some soup every lunch now! Having a hot dish on this cold days was really a joy.

Rolled sandwiches with parsley, carrot or avocado

Bento content:
Rolled sandwiches with parsley, carrot or avocado
-Grape, pear
-Mushroom, radishes, cauliflower, olive,
-Gouda, Maasdam cheese.

When I come back from shopping, I just like to eat fresh veggies and fruits. So, this bento is an “after-shopping” bento. I just enjoy to dip fresh veggies in a mix of cream cheese, faisselle and spices, or guacamole.
I prefer to make my own bread (because I’m sure of what ingredients are in and the smell of fresh bread is such a pleasure!), so here is the recipe of my own cereals sandwich loaf. It’s a milky bread so it has this soft texture. It is a bit sweet though.

The carrot one is done similarly but with carrot mince instead of parsley. I did really thick sandwich rolls and unfortunately I do not have a photo of the spiral side of the sandwich roll. I’ll try to show it in a forthcoming bento.
You can just vary this recipe by putting spices or others herbs as thyme, dill, paprika, cumin… Just let your imagination flow.
The third sandwich roll is done with guacamole. If you don’t have any lemon you can use drop of vinegar. I began to love avocado as a spread since I came back from Chile. They put avocado everywhere! I was happy I enjoyed it if not…well it would have been hard to appreciate the food!